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29th September - Today's News: At Least 8 Dead in Spanish Flash Floods

Spanish floods: eight die in Malaga, Almeria and Murcia after torrential rain and flash flooding, with some pictures of Southern Spanish floods and the latest news that British woman missing in flood in Vera, Almeria, total deaths are at least eight
Typhoon Jelawat roars over Japan's island of Okinawa

Pakistan floods 'kill more than 400' over past fortnight
More to upset the deniers and global coolers: high-Arctic heat tops 1,800-year high according to a new study.  Yes, that's right, it's warmer than the MWP.

In contrast to the low ice maximum in the Arctic, Antarctic sea ice reaches greatest extent so late in season, 2nd largest extent on record.   But this is NOT a sign of cooling.  Indeed, it's possible due to warming (warmer = more melt = fresher water with more ice bergs = more prone to freezing)
And I'm pleased to see that Brecon Beacons green energy plant goes ahead after planning row - this is exactly the sort of small, local, green, power generation …

28th September - Toda's News: Record Heat Followed by Severe Storms in Brazil

26th September - Today's News: Britain's Worst September Storm for 30 Years

Serious disruption continues as the worst September storm in 30 years continues to batter Britain.   Some places have probably recorded their wettest ever September days.   Wind has also been an issue in places.   The Met office have actually referred to the storm as the "most intense" for 30 years - referring to the low pressure at its centre - but I think in all respects, the "worst" is a pretty fair description.

Storm continues to cause havoc
Foam swept in as gales hit Scotland
Block of flats at risk of collapse after floods in Newburn, Tyne & Wear, undermined the building's foundations 
Heavy rain causes road closures in the North-east
In Yorkshire, roads stay closed after flooding
Heavy rain leads to flooding in Isle of Man (shouldn't that be 'on'?)
The Avon  briefly rose here to flood level in Evesham but has since dropped again and with little rain overnight we've escaped with no problems, though places on the Severn are watching nervous…

25th September 2012 - Heavy Rain, Winds, Bring Floods and Disruption Across Britain

24th September - Today's News: Near Record Cold in Antarctica

It might be spring down there now, but Antarctica site posts near-record cold

And it was record cold here in Evesham yesterday with my lowest ever September maxima, just 11.4c.   We're currently in the midst of the wettest spell of weather here this year, with over 30mm so far in the past 24 hours.  Flooding likely to be the big story of the next day or so, with strong winds also an issue.   In Kew Gardens yesterday woman dies as wind and rain lash UK and already today heavy rain causes floods in West.    A full round-up on all the stories tomorrow. 
In Alaska, water levels continue to rise in Peninsular
Sea surface temperatures reach record highs on Northeast continental shelf of America
Calgary revels in weather flashback with hottest summer since 1970
Floods and landslides in Indian states of Assam and Sikkim 'kill 21'
There could be a new cloud on the horizon with hopes that undulatus asperatus could be formally recognised when the WMO produces the forthcoming update to …

22nd September - Today's News: Bright Fireball Seen Over Britain

A cool night last night with frosts in many places - and a stunning sight for some as 'meteors' sighted in skies across UK.   Of course, I missed it.   And a fine, sunny, day today for the first day of autumn, astronomically speaking.  All change from tomorrow though and we could see close on a month's worth of rain fall here over the next 3 days.   So far this month I've recorded on 5.1mm.
Flooding forces evacuation in Talkeetna, Alaska
Firefighters prepare for large Washington State blazes to merge, with lightning storm to come
Greenland's longest observed glacier suffers one of the highest shrinkages on record

Nunavat's myserious ancient life could return by 2100 as Arctic warms

And after record Arctic sea ice minimum 2012 declared - it's the silly season!   Hmmm, the author of that article sounds familiar!   A very good write-up and the final graph really sums it up well.
Army rescue teams deployed as flood situation worsens in Assam 
Worse flooding in 80 …

21st September - Today's News: Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Minimum

Five killed as storm sweeps aross Paraguay - more pictures here
As expected, there's a record minimum for Arctic sea ice - in fact it had already far exceeded previous recorded lows, but does appear to have now 'bottomed out' for the year. 
Meanwhile, ban drilling say MPs as 'wake up' call shows Arctic ice melt could cause colder winters in UK -Joan Whalley seem to be referring to a story by Fred Pearce from last year that said Gulf Stream could be threatened by Arctic flush.   There is, however, no evidence that I'm aware of that this has as yet happened or could in any way be responsible for recent cold European winters.  Nor am I certain it's even considered a likelihood.  And anyway, it's the NAD - the Gulf Stream itself only flows up the east coast of America and comes nowhere near Britain! 
Blustery wet weather wreaks havoc in Connecticut
As cloud-seeding efforts fail, haze from burning returns to Sumatra
A hot, dry summer predicted in Austr…

18th September - Today's News: Fire Tornado Filmed in Australia

17th September - Today's News: Typhoon Sanba Batters S Korea

Typhoon Sanba batters South Korea after drenching Japan, heavy rains expected in North Korea
Heavy rain causes flooding, slips in Wellington (landslips, that is) as snow, hail, storms bring a dramatic start to Spring in NZ
Here in Britain, warm, wet weather means bumper year for mushrooms but bad weather spells disaster for apples
A study suggests there's been a steep rise in cases of extreme monsoon rain in India
Nigerian floods: 25 bodies found in Adamawa
Are there just 100 cod left in the North Sea?   Well no, but over-fishing, and the enforced, moronic, policy of returning non-quota fish caught by accident back into the sea (often dead) means there are fewer and fewer cod reaching full maturity.     I am at least pleased to see that the EU policy on discarding fish is to be ended.  Though probably much too little too late .....  As it currently stands, I don't think reducing quotas won't make any difference at all.   More controversially, there's also been a call to …

15th September - Today's News: Manilla Floods Again

Hundreds flee as heavy rain lashes Philippine capital whilst Typhoon Samba headed for Okinawa, South Korea
Researchers design 'cool pavement' that could reduce the heat of a city - I've nearlt forgotten what it's like to be in a big town or city in a ht summer's day.   It not something I expect to remind myslef of any time soon!
Arctic sea ice melt 'may bring harsh winter to Europe' - as we've experienced the past few years and something a number of people are already predicting for this winter.   I too expect at least a spell of very cold weather in Britain this winter.  Though it won't be all winter long.
NASA have a created an amazing video that shows the Earth's temperatures rising from 1880 to the present day (and I'm sure the Daily Mail did mean planet Earth, and not the earth in the ground ....!)
Global warming: the heat's back on and HFCs are the new 'target' UK windfarms generate record amount of power - though still only as…

14th September - Toda's News: Storms Flood Las Vegas

Las Vegas under water as storms batter strip with heavy rain and flash floods
However, drought area expands in US, now most extensive this summer
World's hottest temperature cools a bit - it's now 56.7 C (134 F), recorded on 10th July, at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley.  The previous record of 58 C  (136.4 F), recorded on 13th Sept 1922, in El Azizia, Libya being deemed inaccurate.
Families in fear as tornado hits homes in South Wigston, Leicestershire on Wednesday.  Well it moved a trampoline, it must have been a tornado!   And pictures reveal damage caused by Beech Avenue 'mini tornado'in Swanley, Kent.   Neither report has been investigated as yet to confirm whether the damage was indeed tornadic, or just from 'straight line' winds.    The public often assume any sudden, damage causing, winds to be tornadoes these days.
We should get some bumper autumn colour thanks to wet summer followed by warm spell - cameras at the ready!
Summer rain more likely over dr…

12th September - Today's News: Record Arctic Ice Melt

11th September - Today's News: TS Leslie Hits Canada

Tropical Storm Leslie to make landfall in Newfoundland today as rain floods parts of central Nova Scotia
Dry Northwest burns after weekend storms as arid West's wildfire season extends into September
In Seattle, near record dry weather ends after 49 days - just short of the 51 day record.   We had rain in Evesham last night too, the first this month.
First snow of winter falls on Britain's highest peak.   But there was snow fall on the Cairngorms a couple of weeks ago.  And the forecast for 2080: heatwaves, 11,000 deaths and dengue fever
It was the worst Swedish summer in 12 years
In NZ, snowy blast hits North Island - if my entirely unscientific idea about our weather following patterns down under holds true, then this winter in Britain could see some cold and snowy weather in December, followed by a mild start to the years but a return of wintry weather late in February and March.
Fresh floods in northern Thailand renew fears over how well flood defences will hold - last year…

10th September 2012: New York City Hit by Tornadoes

8th September - Today's News: Gales Batter Wellington

5th September - Today's News: High Winds Down Trees Across SE Australia

4th September - Today's News: Storms Cause Chaos on Malta

Lightning, wind and rain all cause havoc on Malta, with one man killed and over 42mm of rain falling in 2 hours - more than the average for the whole of September
Portugal asks for EU help on forests fires still raging in the north of the country
Met Eireann confirms summer was dullest, wettest and coolest in years
But it was the hottest August in Bahrain in 100 years
North Korea says Typhoon Bolaven left 48 dead when it hit last month
Hail as dangeorus weather front hits Perth, WA
Heavy rain lashes Mumbai; flights, trains delayed
Bad news for the Liberia rainforest: '60%handed to logging companies' - expect an increase in flood and landslide deaths in the near future.

Research reveals contrasting consequences of a warmer Earth
And if 2013 breaks heat record, how will deniers respond? Especially if, as some NZ scientists now suggest, El Nino to be short and weak.

3rd September - Today's News: Issac Remnants Bring Floods to Washington DC

1st September - Today's News: Hurricane Issac Drove Mississippi Backwarrds