15th September - Today's News: Manilla Floods Again

Researchers design 'cool pavement' that could reduce the heat of a city - I've nearlt forgotten what it's like to be in a big town or city in a ht summer's day.   It not something I expect to remind myslef of any time soon!

Arctic sea ice melt 'may bring harsh winter to Europe' - as we've experienced the past few years and something a number of people are already predicting for this winter.   I too expect at least a spell of very cold weather in Britain this winter.  Though it won't be all winter long.

NASA have a created an amazing video that shows the Earth's temperatures rising from 1880 to the present day (and I'm sure the Daily Mail did mean planet Earth, and not the earth in the ground ....!)
Global warming: the heat's back on and HFCs are the new 'target'
UK windfarms generate record amount of power - though still only as much a single conventional power station!   And of course, under high pressure in winter, this presumably means we wouldn't have enough power to light and heat 3 milllion homes .....


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