26th September - Today's News: Britain's Worst September Storm for 30 Years

Serious disruption continues as the worst September storm in 30 years continues to batter Britain.   Some places have probably recorded their wettest ever September days.   Wind has also been an issue in places.   The Met office have actually referred to the storm as the "most intense" for 30 years - referring to the low pressure at its centre - but I think in all respects, the "worst" is a pretty fair description.

Storm continues to cause havoc

Block of flats at risk of collapse after floods in Newburn, Tyne & Wear, undermined the building's foundations 

The Avon  briefly rose here to flood level in Evesham but has since dropped again and with little rain overnight we've escaped with no problems, though places on the Severn are watching nervously as water makes it's way down from the Welsh hills.

The reindeer don't like the rain dear: Norway study reveals reindeer rain fears

No surprise to learn that agriculture is the direct driver for worldwide deforestation - though of course biofuels now account for an increasing share, bit directly and indirectly (if arable land is given over the the biofuel disaster, then more arable land needs to be found to replace it, especially with food demands growing).


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