24th September - Today's News: Near Record Cold in Antarctica

It might be spring down there now, but Antarctica site posts near-record cold

And it was record cold here in Evesham yesterday with my lowest ever September maxima, just 11.4c.   We're currently in the midst of the wettest spell of weather here this year, with over 30mm so far in the past 24 hours.  Flooding likely to be the big story of the next day or so, with strong winds also an issue.   In Kew Gardens yesterday woman dies as wind and rain lash UK and already today heavy rain causes floods in West.    A full round-up on all the stories tomorrow. 

There could be a new cloud on the horizon with hopes that undulatus asperatus could be formally recognised when the WMO produces the forthcoming update to the World Cloud Atlas

Stratosphere targets deep sea to shape climate - basically, it's been found that changes in stratospheric winds can affect North Atlantic ocean circulation.   Yet another complication in the climate jig-saw.


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