10th September 2012: New York City Hit by Tornadoes

This year's bad weather cost rural Britain £1bn due to cancelled events, lack of tourism and loss of crops.  And butterfly decline blamed on soggy summer.

Clays in Pacific lavas back dry early Mars - rather than a warmer, wetter world as many think

And I'm not sure on this, but are wind farms saving or killing us?  A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them.   But how near?    Most are on upland moors .....  Maybe a few people are affected by the noise though.   Some other, slightly less controversial, stuff in the article as well, though as always, if it's in a newspaper: question everything!   And don't expect any fall in the rate of new wind farms just yet; there's enough wind to power global energy demand - in fact, possibly 20 times our current global energy consumption.


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