22nd September - Today's News: Bright Fireball Seen Over Britain

A cool night last night with frosts in many places - and a stunning sight for some as 'meteors' sighted in skies across UK.   Of course, I missed it.   And a fine, sunny, day today for the first day of autumn, astronomically speaking.  All change from tomorrow though and we could see close on a month's worth of rain fall here over the next 3 days.   So far this month I've recorded on 5.1mm.

Greenland's longest observed glacier suffers one of the highest shrinkages on record

Nunavat's myserious ancient life could return by 2100 as Arctic warms

And after record Arctic sea ice minimum 2012 declared - it's the silly season!   Hmmm, the author of that article sounds familiar!   A very good write-up and the final graph really sums it up well.

Senegal Senate abolished to pay for floods - imagine closing the House of Laws to fund disaster relief in Britain!   Mind, if those closed the House of Commons it'd probably be good.


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