21st September - Today's News: Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Minimum

As expected, there's a record minimum for Arctic sea ice - in fact it had already far exceeded previous recorded lows, but does appear to have now 'bottomed out' for the year. 

Meanwhile, ban drilling say MPs as 'wake up' call shows Arctic ice melt could cause colder winters in UK -Joan Whalley seem to be referring to a story by Fred Pearce from last year that said Gulf Stream could be threatened by Arctic flush.   There is, however, no evidence that I'm aware of that this has as yet happened or could in any way be responsible for recent cold European winters.  Nor am I certain it's even considered a likelihood.  And anyway, it's the NAD - the Gulf Stream itself only flows up the east coast of America and comes nowhere near Britain! 

A Minister I agree with?!  Wind farms are inefficent says new Environment Secretary Owen Paterson

Climate scientists put predictions to the test and find models are ore accurate for large areas over long time scales, but much less so for smaller regions at timescales less than 30 years.   So we can predict for Eurasia in 100 years time much better than we can for Britain in 20 years time.

Topper site in middle of comet controversy with more evidence supporting the 'Clovis Comet' hypothesis.   Given Wattsy's recent scorn of me for daring to debunk Atlantis and Chemtrails, it's no surprise to see in the discussion about this on WUWT plenty of reference to wierd and wonderful 'alternative' ideas about human history, ice ages, pole shifts, ECD and the like.  And the usual general ignorance about climate changes.   Just surprised Planet Nibiru and Noah's flood hasn't been mentioned yet.   For those more interested in real science, the abstract of the actual paper is here.

And finally, a fascinating paper by Stephan Lewandowsky etal on Misinformation and its correction.  Well worth a read.


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