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30th JUly - Today's News: 2 Dead in Romanian Flash Floods

29th July - Today's News: Heatwaves, Storms & Floods Hit Northern Europe

28th July - Today's News: 'Apocalyptic' Hail Storm Hits South Coast

26th July - Today's News: Storms & Heat Wave Cause More Travel Disruption Across Britain

Train delays and cancellations continue after lightning strikes yesterday (no storms here, of course, though a chance of one later today) whilst in Scotland heatwave causes havoc for travellers (even Aviemore has recorded official temps near 29c this week) and in Eire Midland's town hit by freak flood and mudslides
Brentford storm chaser captures fightening lightning shots - none other than a friend of mine, Peter Scott
In Wisconsin, mayfly swarm fools weather radar
Big dust storm rolls through Phoenix area
Did this storm bring down Air Algerie flight 5017?
More video from the 14th July Novosibrusk hail storm as intense Russian hail storm tears roof off building

And an 'extreme solar storm' could have pulled plug on Earth in 2012.  But it missed us.

25th July - Today's News: Typhoons Rammasun & Matmo; UK Storms and Heatwave

A week of news stories to catch up on!   Terrific thunderstorm in Evesham in the early hours of last Friday morning, with almost constant lightning for an hour - probably the best storm I have experienced since moving here in 1999.   Torrential rain on Saturday, whilst I was in Scotland, also saw the downpipes at my shop fail to cope with the water and some flooding of the shop ......   Meantime, I recorded a shade temperature of 28.6c at a bothy near Kingussie on Tuesday (too hot for me to even sit in the shade!) whilst back here in Evesham, yesterday saw my garden reach 29.2c.
UK storms leave further disruption after lightning
Torrential rain brings flooding to South - but temperatures are about to soar above 30C this week as Britain is gripped by heatwave
Cornwall and Devon sea temperatures hit seven-year high
Typhoon leaves trail of destruction in northern provinces of Viet Nam

Chinese coastal areas lashed by Typhoon Matmo

Dual typhoons kill 64 in China
Taiwan plane crash: Typhoon Matm…

17th July - Today's News: Britain's First Heatwave of 2014 Gets Underway, Storms to Follow

Last update before I go away for a week - probably be next Friday before I can next do a round up of the weather news, which undoubtedly will include the hot weather and thunderstorms expected in Britain over the next few days with heatwave health warning as Britons told to stay indoors (if you are elderly, young or in ill health - the story, as usual, omits the necessary qualification).  The actual Public Health England press release is here - and IMO is not quite so patronising, in context, as the usual suspects say.
Meanwhile warm seas bring in exotic species to England's shores
And if it's cooler weather you want, head for Australia where snow falls around Victoria in rare low-altitude dumping (although it looks more like a dusting than a dumping to me).  

(btw our hot summer - as it now looks like being - and possibly record warm year, follows Australia's hot summer and record warm year.  Does this mean a cold winter is on the way?  We will see ... )
California sets …

16th July - Today's News: 10 Dead as Typhoon Rammasun Hits Philippines

15th July - Today's News: Philippines Braces for Typhoon Rammasun

14th July - Today's News: Snow and Large Hail Fall in Russia

12th July - Today's News: Brisbane's Lowest Temperature in 103 Years

11th July - Today's News: Widespread Floods Persist in Brazil

9th July - Today's News: Deadly Storm Strikes NY State

Mother, daughter among 4 dead in central N.Y. storms but was the storm that struck central New York a tornado?
Typhoon Neoguri triggers severe flooding in Okinawa; storm churns towards mainland Japan 'Tornado' spotted over Swansea as parts of Britain saw more storms - we had just 0.5mm of rain in thunder-free Evesham, but hailstorm blankets suburban street as torrential downpour brings flash floods to the south
In Australia, three states prepare for extreme weather as deep low pressure system delivers Arctic conditions
Pollution warning as 2014 set to be Scotland's second warmest year - according to Friends of the Earth.  It is, of course, far too early to early to say for sure how the next 5 months might pan out ....  But warm year for the whole of Britain does look very likely.
Logging and burning cause the loss of 54 million tons of carbon a year in Amazonia - though that's less than a 10th of the UK's annual carbon emissions (~570m tons per year)
And I am pleased t…

8th July - Today's News: Concerns Grow Over Assiniboine and Mississippi Flooding

7th July - Today's News: Super Typhoon Neoguri Approaching Japan

5th July - Today's News: Spectacular Sardinian Storm Photos

Stunning pictures as lightning storm generates nuclear bomb-style mushroom cloud in the skies above Sardinia Little serious damage, but Hurricane Arthur impacts Fourth of July beach plans, causes rip tide concerns whilst as the remnants move north, winds from Hurricane Arthur wallop Massachusetts' Nantucket Island and New Brunswick batterns down the hatches.
Thousands lose power as huge dust storm covers Phoenix, Arizona
Manitoba flood: Assiniboine River to crest in Brandon on Saturday with the Province declaring a state of emergency and preparing to deliberately flood some land to ease pressure on the levees.  And further south, Iowa towns brace against flooding Mississippi River.

California wildfires grow in north, south
Mini 'tornado' spotted in the Gorbals - actually just another dust devil, so not like a tornado at all (they used to be common when I was a kid .... )
And who is responsible for climate change?  Surprise, surprise, it's the developed West (so far ...)

4th July - Today's News: Hurricane Arthur Hits USA

2nd July - Today's News: Australia's Warmest Year and El Nino Yet to Come

In Australia, El Nino-like conditions kick with annual temperature record smashed - and we don't even have an El Nino yet, although El Nino weather phenomenon will strike this year, Met Office warns
NZ's June warmest on record
Sunny June weather was record-breaking in Eire - though the SW of the country also recorded its lowest June temperatures for 28 years

And it's been a record wet June for portions of the upper midwest in the USA
Current indications are that July - which has started warm - will be yet another above average month in Britain (we're well on track at the moment for the warmest year ever, despite no especially hot weather), although many forecasters predict that Europe's seven months of warm weather set to end in July
Latest indications are that Tropical Storm Arthur to threaten North Carolina by Fourth of July
Floods sweep across midwest states as rains swamp Missouri and Illinois
Argentine sea experts warn about climate change consequences
Global war…

1st July - Today's News: Derecho Storm Hits Chicago