17th July - Today's News: Britain's First Heatwave of 2014 Gets Underway, Storms to Follow

Last update before I go away for a week - probably be next Friday before I can next do a round up of the weather news, which undoubtedly will include the hot weather and thunderstorms expected in Britain over the next few days with heatwave health warning as Britons told to stay indoors (if you are elderly, young or in ill health - the story, as usual, omits the necessary qualification).  The actual Public Health England press release is here - and IMO is not quite so patronising, in context, as the usual suspects say.

Meanwhile warm seas bring in exotic species to England's shores

And if it's cooler weather you want, head for Australia where snow falls around Victoria in rare low-altitude dumping (although it looks more like a dusting than a dumping to me).  

(btw our hot summer - as it now looks like being - and possibly record warm year, follows Australia's hot summer and record warm year.  Does this mean a cold winter is on the way?  We will see ... )


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