9th July - Today's News: Deadly Storm Strikes NY State

'Tornado' spotted over Swansea as parts of Britain saw more storms - we had just 0.5mm of rain in thunder-free Evesham, but hailstorm blankets suburban street as torrential downpour brings flash floods to the south

Pollution warning as 2014 set to be Scotland's second warmest year - according to Friends of the Earth.  It is, of course, far too early to early to say for sure how the next 5 months might pan out ....  But warm year for the whole of Britain does look very likely.

Logging and burning cause the loss of 54 million tons of carbon a year in Amazonia - though that's less than a 10th of the UK's annual carbon emissions (~570m tons per year)

And I am pleased to say that I was amongst the first to write raising objections over planned wind farm in 'unique landscape' - and to point out that it would be visible not only from dozens of hills across a vast area, but from from both the West Highland railway and the A82 across Rannoch Moor.


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