25th July - Today's News: Typhoons Rammasun & Matmo; UK Storms and Heatwave

A week of news stories to catch up on!   Terrific thunderstorm in Evesham in the early hours of last Friday morning, with almost constant lightning for an hour - probably the best storm I have experienced since moving here in 1999.   Torrential rain on Saturday, whilst I was in Scotland, also saw the downpipes at my shop fail to cope with the water and some flooding of the shop ......   Meantime, I recorded a shade temperature of 28.6c at a bothy near Kingussie on Tuesday (too hot for me to even sit in the shade!) whilst back here in Evesham, yesterday saw my garden reach 29.2c.

In Alaska, Brooks Range gets a few inches of snow - winter is coming!

Killer tornado leaves two dead in France whilst another tornado is spotted as more storms spread to south-west France

And this is interesting mainly because I came up with a similar idea decades ago (around the same time, in my late teens, when I summised that there was a black hole at the center of most galaxies) mysterious black holes may be exploding into 'white holes' - my idea was that black holes could only 'absorb' so much matter before they reached a crtical mass and 'exploded'.  The extended hypothesis was that eventually all matter in a region of the universe would be contained within a single super-massive black hole, which would then 'explode' in a local 'big bang', starting the process all over again.  A sort of combined steady-state/big bang theory.


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