7th July - Today's News: Super Typhoon Neoguri Approaching Japan

Dark snow: from the Arctic to the Himalaya, the phenomenon that is accelerating glacier melting - and guess what?  It's not the Sun, cosmic rays or even the PDO that is causing it.  It's us. 

Rewriting the history of volcanic forcing over the past 2,000 years suggests that some major historical eruptions had less of a cooling effect than previously thought

Yet another example of the ludicrous weather reporting in the British gutter press as the Metro asks is summer over? Rain and plummeting temperatures forecast whilst according to the Express Britain set to sizzle in 86f heatwave that will last two weeks.   The reality is that we're going to see some showers and rain at times but with temperatures generally close to or above average, with perhaps a few hotter days later this week in the south, though its unlikely we'll see 86f (30c).  Summer is not over and neither is there a 2 week heatwave on the way.  Just normal July weather.


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