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31st January - Today's News: Sydney Heatwave Breaks More Records

Summer heat records smashed in Sydney and regional NSW with 9 consecutive days above 35c and the warmest January ever for average maximum, minimum and mean temperatures as intense heat grips eastern Australia.  But finally some (temporary) relief! Temperatures drop by a staggering 10C in just ten minutes in Sydney this afternoon.
300 people rescued in Altai region as snowstorm hit the roads
Kashmir valley buried in snow - road and airport closures isolate Srinagar as avalanche risk remains high
So far this winter high pressure over Britain means number of storms is down on recent years but it looks like turning quite windy later this week.  Could be "Doris"? 
First-ever GPS data release to boost space-weather science - more than 16 years of space-weather data is now publicly available for the first time in history

28th January - Today's News: Nacreous Clouds Seen Again in England

For the second time in two years the polar vortex brings rare multi-coloured clouds to Britain - but nothing this far south (it was overcast anyway).  There was also an incredible UFO cloud spotted in Sweden
Peru hotel collapses into swollen river after torrential rain
2 dead in wake of New Brunswick ice storm
Queensland topples long-standing temperature records
Kashmir avalanches kill 14 Indian soldiers
Rain from thunderstorms is rising due to climate change - and my own observations of more rain falling during intense periods would seem to support this, though often it's not actually thunderstorms producing the rain.  This is Evesham!    Also worth noting that this is the reason for some predictions of less rain but more flooding.
Image shows mountain hare with nowhere to hide in Cairngorms - I think there's even less snow than the infamous winter of 89!
Descriptions of sites of wild land in Scotland published - including my own "homeland": North Moidart
And a rogue Nasa…

27th January - Today's News: Town Destroyed in Chile's Worst Ever Wildfire

Deadly wildfire razes entire town in Chile: 'Literally like Dante's Inferno' with 6 dead in Chile´s worst wildfires in history - fuelled by an ongoing heat wave.  In stark contrast, further north, floods lash Bolivia and Peru
Whilst Scottish ski resorts remain completely bare of snow (and there is none expected in the next few days at least) - with temperatures into double figures this week - in California Mammoth has received a record-breaking 20.5 feet of the white stuff this January with the associated good news that California drought shrinks to smallest level in years after onslaught of rain and snow
New Brunswick's ice storm fallout: Still more than 61,000 without power
WA cyclone alert: Pilbara warned of possible weekend cyclone
And remarkable weather:  Londoners stunned as snow falls in capital during morning rush hour - they had a light flurry that didn't settle ..... !
Rigopiano Hotel avalanche: Last bodies recovered by rescuers bringing the death toll to 2…

25th January - Today's News: 4 Dead in California Storms

24th January - Today's News: Danube Freezes Over

23rd January - Today's News: Deadly Storms, Tornadoes, Strike US South

21st January - Today's News: Spain and Sahara Hit by More Snow

20th January - Today's News: Search Continues After Italian Avalanche

19th January - Today's News: Earthquake Triggers Italian Avalanche - "Many Dead"

18th January - Today's New: Tunisia is Snowier than Britain

Italy weather: Heavy snow grips earthquake region whilst social media turns white as Tunisia is blanketed in snow - though it's not as unusual and some might have you think.  Meanwhile Britain is almost bare of snow, even in the Highlands ..... 
Eastern Australia swelters under heatwave as hottest January on record looms
But in NZ, bomb low weather arrives in Wellington with 160kmh winds still on the way
Rome metro suspended as earthquake hits central Italy 
Chinese authorities tell local weather forecasters to stop issuing smog alerts
Aeolus wind mission heads for test and launch - when operational it should help improve weather forecasting with better data on wind speeds and direction And a new model shows the inception of the last ice age in Eurasia - and why Siberia became a cold desert

17th January - Today's News: Global Sea Ice at Lowest Recorded Level

Global sea ice is at lowest level ever recorded - though there is no doubt it has been lower in the recent geological past.  And, of course, much higher.    However, with ongoing declining axial tilt - which particularly impacts polar regions with reduced insolation, this should not be happening now, all else being equal.
And an ice crack to put UK Antarctic base in shut-down
French told to save power as cold snap threatens electricity supply - obviously they don't have enough windfarms!  There are thousands without electricity as snow and wind batter Italy  whilst Spain prepares for the big freeze as Siberian winter approaches.  Here it's just mild and grey.   We've had our snow for the year .....
New research shows 2015's giant Middle East dust storm caused by a changing climate, not human conflict
And Venus wave may be Solar System's biggest

16th January - Today's News: Thousand Stranded in Philippines Flash Floods

Thousands stranded as flash floods hit Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines
Central US Ice Storm Falls Short of Dire Forecasts
Queensland storm: 'Very dangerous' weather brings heavy rainfall, flash flooding to south-east
It's reported that cold weather kills 180,000 alpacas in Peru although it appears the cause is more correctly a combination of lack of food, due to long term drought, coupled with a spell of wet weather.
And Northern Ireland Police issue wanted poster for weatherman after failed snow forecast

14th January - Today's News: More Records Broken as Sydney Swelters

Sydney weather: Heatwave breaks another hottest night record whilst in Queensland weather: South-east residents swelter as heatwave continues
Good news as severe flooding avoided in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk - the storm surge wasn't quite as bad as expected
But why did a slight dusting of snow close 11 schools?  A very good question when winters like 1979 and 1981/2 saw schools in rural areas remain open throughout.  I know - I was at them!   Even when it meant walking a mile through drifts to reach the road to stand in the bitter cold waiting for the bus ....  And teachers also had just as far to travel themselves as they do today.
Icy weather in Europe causes more hardship and chaos as Storm Egon leaves two dead, thousands without power in Germany whilst a monster Baltic Sea wave sets new record and officials report that Ukraine freeze kills 40 people in two weeks
Heavy snow falls in Sea of Japan areas as cold mass grips much of country
Thailand's flood death toll at 40,…

13th January - Today's News: Snow falls in Evesham

Well, we finally saw some snow!  A few flakes on the back edge of yesterday's rain (blink and you'd miss them) and then a nice dusting from showers overnight.  Most has now melted though ....  But it was the first time there was snow on the ground in daylight since 2013.
Snow, winds and flooding disrupts travel in Scotland
Snow and strong winds lead to NI weather warnings and travel disruption
There have been some school closures across Wales due to snow and ice
And a fresh cold weather warning for capital after snow sparks rush hour chaos
But compared with parts of Europe have had, it's been rather fine weather!
There's also a storm surge flood threat to east coast of England though the danger doesn't appear to be as great as initially feared.  Nonetheless evacuations continue in Essex and Suffolk
So how often does it snow in the UK, and is it getting rarer?  It's certainly getting rarer round here, with just 7 days of observed snow fall in Evesham since March …

12th January - Today's News: Dozen of Flights Cancelled Because it "Might" Snow

11th January - Today's News: Another Storm Batters Western US

Residents of a California town only 20 miles from San Francisco are evacuated following second round of storms battering Northern California and Nevada 
Temperature peaked at 11.1c in my garden at 5.45z this morning - the highest this year.  All downhill now as it looks like a while before we will see temps quite that high.   And there are increasing sigfns we might even see some snow .....  (but nothing disruptive or lasting).
As this latest spell of wintry weather (finally bringing snow to the Highlands after a week with barely a patch to be seen, even on the highest summits) gets underway, winds close Forth Road Bridge, cut power to homes
Serbian 'miracle man' survives -20C ordeal in well
Heavy snowfalls cause new round of road closures, power cuts in Bulgaria
Snowfall keeps battering Istanbul, more expected to come
Queensland heatwave sends temperatures soaring in state's central, southern regions
The media report that mini-tornadoes in Central Otago throw fences 500 m…

10th January - Today's News: Famous Sequoia Felled by California Storm

The famous sequoia Pioneer Cabin Tree in California felled by storms as thousands in California and Nevada told to evacuate due to flooding
Starting to get a little exciting now as Arctic cold snap to bring 'thundersnow' to parts of Britain - okay, so not here, but a brief flurry is possible and there should be copious amounts of snow over the Brecon Beacons to play in on Sunday!   After that a great deal of uncertainty, but a prolonged cold spell and further, more widespread, snow is not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility (sods law says the model output suggesting a quick return to milder conditions will prove right though...)
Won't be quite as much as other parts of Europe, anyway, where after a weekend of snow chaos, more winter weather on the way for Italy  and Bulgaria appears set to break electricity consumption records as freezing temperatures persist as the Europe freeze brings deaths, power outages and closures in many other countries.
Bolivia weather take…

9th January - Today's News: Deadly Cold and Snow Grips SE Europe

7th January - Today's News: Winter Storm Helena Heads for US Deep South

6th January - Today's News: Wintry Weather Across Europe

5th January - Today's News: Storm Surge Causes Major Coastal Flooding in Germany, Denmark

3rd January - Today's News: Four Killed in Alabama Tornado

In the US, one dead as Winter Storm Gregory begins its cross-country trek whilst further south storms kill 4 in southern Alabama
2016 shatters record for Alaska's warmest year
Britain's New Year begins with ice, snow, rain and sleet
Weather is upside down as London freezes and Scotland bakes in 11C heatwave
From the Met Office 2016: A year in weather statistics
New Year's Eve saw snow chaos in eastern Bulgaria
Huge wildfire burns homes in Valparaiso, Chile
Birds migrating earlier as temperatures rise
And stately homes tell BBC to cheer up their weather forecasts in bid to improve visitor numbers  - though the irony that "The association even tried to organise a survey of its members to see if the Met Office’s forecasts were matched by the reality on the ground.  However, the August 2015 Bank Holiday weekend was a wash out, with torrential rain, which meant that the survey was a failure." seems lost on them ....