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31st October - Today's News: Storm Waves Flood Maltese Hotel

In Malta on Saturday nature's fury wreaks havoc across the island - waves flood Radisson Hotel in St Julian's
Italy quake: Thousands spend night in temporary accommodation after San Benedetto basilica in Norcia is  destroyed by earthquake measuring 6.6 - the strongest this year but fortunately without any fatalities.
Australia sees snow in October: Victoria hit with blizzard conditions as snow falls south west of Melbourne  - only fair given we saw snow in April ...

Deadly storms hit Egypt
Water warning for Joburg amid heatwave
Nepal drains dangerous Everest lake
Growth of city trees can cut air pollution, says report - of course, many trees in towns and cities have been cut down in recent years for fear someone might be hit on the head by a conker.  And sue the council for millions ... 
And severe smog as Diwali fireworks choke Delhi, angering Indians

29th October - Today's News: Strange Storms on Alien Worlds

28th October - Today's News: 50cm of Hail Falls on Mexican City

Unusual hailstorm blankets Central Mexican city with up to 50 centimeters of ice - that's a lot of ice!   At least they didn't think it was snow ...
Although snow has fallen in the Northeast, some parts of the US remain exceptionally warm as Phoenix reaches record high of 100 degrees- the latest date on which that figure has been reached.
Australia experiencing more extreme fire weather, hotter days as climate changes 
A stunning video as morning mist rolls over cliffs at West Bay in Dorset
Deadly Colombia landslide engulfs highway near Medellin
Climate change means major ecosystem shifts for the Mediterranean Basin
And is 120 days of snow really going to hit Britain this winter?   No.  The last time that happened there were woolly mammoths living in my back garden .......  And the last time Madded predicted 100 days of snow it was the wettest winter on record and we had no snow at all in Evesham.   Though it was a very snowy winter above 2,000ft in the Highlands.

27th October - Today's News: Earthquakes Strike Italy

Central Italy hit by two strong earthquakes, two hours apart - buildings damaged but no reports of fatalities as yet and they don't seem tyo have been as bad as the quake earlier this year that killed several hundred.
A heatwave in northwest Africa brings near record temperatures
A 'mini-tornado' lifts roofs and smashes windows in central New Plymouth, NZ
Aurora Australis dazzles Tasmania's night sky
In response to Matt Drudge and other ignorant climate change deniers, hurricane intensity is not exaggerated to scare people, and here’s how we know
Scientists agree that extreme cold winters fuelled by jet stream and climate change - but the location of them varies.  Which is partly why the last one in Britain was 2010 ....  Hopefully it means we will see one again before too long?
Probably a bolide, UFO makes bright flash in the sky with green tail: meteor or missile or....?
UCI and NASA document accelerated glacier melting in West Antarctica
Apparently the entire contine…

25th October - Today's News: Severe Drought in Madagascar

24th October - Today's News: Northeastern US Heat Wave End With Snow

22nd October - Today's News: Hailstorm Causes Damage in Bloemfontein

21st October - Today's News: Typhoon Haima Hits Hong Kong

20th October - Today's News: Typhoon Haima Hits Philippines

19th October - Today's News: Philippines Braces for Typhoon Haima

Typhoon Sarika batters China's Hainan whilst the Philippines braces for Super Typhoon Haima, second typhoon in one week

As noted yesterday, UK gets first snow in early sign that winter is coming - although snow at that altitude in mid October is not unusual - in fact, quite often there is a good dusting earlier than this, for example 2014, 2013 and 2011....

Too much rain causes roof at newly renovated Manchester station to collapse injuring commuters

With the NOAA's latest state of teh climate report in, it turns out that the streak of record warm months ends for the planet, but global warming continues.  September last year was warmer.

And ESA'sMars storm chaser about to make history on red planet

18th October - Today's News: Los Angeles Sees First Rain Since 5th May

It's raining in Los Angeles and people are losing their minds - the city's last measureable rainfall was on the 5th May, 165 days ago.  Though apparently this is not unusual.
Typhoon Haima rapidly intensifies, Philippines in danger whilst Typhoon Sarika to unleash torrential rain in China, Vietnam following deadly flooding
In Alaska, Juneau sees snow before Fairbanks for first time in decades
In pictures: Italy's first snowfall of the season which fell on Sunday.   Here, the Cairngorms were also white this morning, displaying the first laying snow of the season in the UK.
Outrage (but no real surpise) as the Scottish Parliament shows utter contempt for wild land with plans for 22-turbine wind farm near Altnaharra approved
Earth on track for its warmest year on record after hottest September in 136 years (but only by the tiniest fraction)
And some somewhat misleading headlines across the media today suggesting that the Met Office can now predict winter weather one year in adv…

17th October - Today's News: Deadly Floods Hit Vietnam Ahead of Typhoon Sarika

14th October - Today's News: Hurricane Nicole Hits Bermuda as Cat 3 Storm

13th October - Today's News: Cat 4 Hurricane Nicole Approaches Bermuda

12th October - Today's News: Record Floods Continue in North Carolina

Record flooding in North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew as the hurricane plunges a North Carolina town’s future into doubt
Meanwhile, Hurricane Nicole targets Bermuda, could impact Canada
In NZ, spring snow cuts power, downs trees and causes road chaos across South Island
September one of the hottest on record for Portugal which, like Britain, recorded it's hottest day of the year during the month 
Ancient Andes glaciers have lost half their ice in just 40 years
Chicxulub 'dinosaur crater' investigation begins in earnest
There's been another new dwarf planet found in our solar system
And the media never learn.  Based on a wholly erroneous story in (where else?) the Daily Express, regional papers warn Britain braced for wintry weekend - and prospect of snow.  In fact, it'll turn a bit warmer this weekend.  And the only place with any chance of snow is some higher hills in Scotland (which, unusually, have not as yet seen any fresh laying snow this autumn)

11th October - Today's News: Major N Carolina Flooding in Wake of Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew kills at least 26 in U.S.; Dangerous flooding situation unfolding in North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew dumped enough rain to fill the Rose Bowl 163,000 times whilst the Haiti death toll tops 1,000 in Hurricane Matthew's devastating wake.  It's interesting that this has been almost a non event so far as UK news outlets - especially the more tabloid ones - have been concerned.   It's barely been mentioned in print copies of the Sun or even the Daily Mail ....
Germany's south sees first snowfall of season as cold bite sets in
Hail causes massive highway collision in Switzerland on Sunday
Climate change has been making western forest fires worse for decades, study says
And did anyone see these rare hole-punch clouds yesterday?  No, cos they were only visible down south!

10th October 2016 - 18 Deaths in US from Hurricane Matthew as Haitian Toll Passes 1,000

In the US, Matthew death toll climbs to 18 as it's finally downgraded to a tropical cyclone with the latest developments in the historic NC/SC flood as the Haiti death toll from Hurricane Matthew passes 1,000
Melbourne weather: Wild wind storms leave 40,000 homes without power with rain, hail and thunder on the way whilst in South Australia, severe winds lash state in wake of recent storm damage, body of missing man found and in Tasmania strong winds rip roof from Hobart high school, bring down power lines, trees
And apparently, we can expect a Beast from the East: Britain to be rocked by snowy storms, howling gales, freezing temperatures and flooding because "The Met Office has forecast shocking “storm systems” hitting in the second half of October"!!!   The Sun then goes on to point out that what the latest MetO forecast actually says is that "there is a trend for more changeable weather into late October across most parts, with the North expected to see the stro…

8th October - Today's News: Hurricane Matthew: Haitian Death Toll Over 800

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti dead reach 800 as south awaits aid as 'Big bad beast' storm batters Florida and through today, Matthew to hammer coastal Georgia and South Carolina, after battering Florida
And Matt Drudge conspiracy comments kick up storm - basically he's an nasty, ignorant moron.   If he had any ounce of humanity or humility he'd spend then next 12 months as a volunteer aid worker in Haiti.  But typical of the "elite", he doesn't care about anyone but himself (and money).
School bus rollover sends 7 to hospital as snow wreaks havoc on Calgary-area roads - you'd think they would be used to it.  But just shows it's not just Britain where a little snow causes a lot of disruption! Meanwhile another bus rolls over as early storm sets snowfall and temperature records in Saskatoon
Spring starting earlier in U.S. national parks, study finds
With methane muted: How did early Earth stay warm?
And another volcano goes off: Mt Aso in southwestern Japa…

7th October - Today's News: Hurricane Matthew: Hundreds Dead in Haiti; Florida Evacuates

6th October - Today's News: Matthew Pounds Bahamas, Threatens Florida

5th October - Today's News: Cat 4 Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti, Cuba

4th October - Today's News: "Strongest Ever" Typhoon Chaba Hits Okinawa

3rd October - Today's News: Concerns for Haiti as Hurricane Matthew Looms

1st October - Today's News: Caribbean Storm Matthew Becomes Cat 5 Hurricane