27th October - Today's News: Earthquakes Strike Italy

Central Italy hit by two strong earthquakes, two hours apart - buildings damaged but no reports of fatalities as yet and they don't seem tyo have been as bad as the quake earlier this year that killed several hundred.

A heatwave in northwest Africa brings near record temperatures

In response to Matt Drudge and other ignorant climate change deniers, hurricane intensity is not exaggerated to scare people, and here’s how we know

Scientists agree that extreme cold winters fuelled by jet stream and climate change - but the location of them varies.  Which is partly why the last one in Britain was 2010 ....  Hopefully it means we will see one again before too long?

Dish to listen for ET around strange star as speculation continues that the strange irregular dimming of "Tabby's Star" could be caused by artifical structures

And proof we are in the midst of the "6th Great Extinction" - and this time it's humanity to blame - as world wildlife 'falls by 58% in 40 years'


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