28th October - Today's News: 50cm of Hail Falls on Mexican City

Unusual hailstorm blankets Central Mexican city with up to 50 centimeters of ice - that's a lot of ice!   At least they didn't think it was snow ...

Although snow has fallen in the Northeast, some parts of the US remain exceptionally warm as Phoenix reaches record high of 100 degrees- the latest date on which that figure has been reached.

A stunning video as morning mist rolls over cliffs at West Bay in Dorset

And is 120 days of snow really going to hit Britain this winter?   No.  The last time that happened there were woolly mammoths living in my back garden .......  And the last time Madded predicted 100 days of snow it was the wettest winter on record and we had no snow at all in Evesham.   Though it was a very snowy winter above 2,000ft in the Highlands.


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