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31st May - Today's News: Forecasters "Ignoring" English Drought

30th May - Today's News: Over 300 Tornadoes in 12 Days

29th May - Today's News: 12 Straight Days of Tornadoes in US

Ohio tornado blows parked car at home killing elderly man on Monday night, whilst yesterday's Kansas City-area tornadoes add to 12 straight days of destruction
It snowed at the Grand Canyon on Memorial Day 
Wintry blast brings wind, rain and snow to Australia’s southeast - good news for skiers!
Study of northern Alaska could rewrite Arctic history and the tectonic processes behind the opening of the Arctic basin
A new model explains how a warming Arctic produces weather extremes in our latitudes
And did ancient supernovae prompt human ancestors to walk upright?  The idea being that they were responsible for particles bombarding the atmosphere that triggered an increase in lightning that in turn led to more forest fires in Africa, opening up the savanna which resulted in our ancient ancestors becoming more adept at upright walking.

28th May - Today's News: Destructive Tornadoes Hit El Reno, Oklahoma and Dayton, Ohio

24th May - Today's News: Mississippi Flooding Worst Since 1927

Flooding worst Mississippi's seen since Great Flood of 1927. Here's why.
Thankfully the Jefferson City tornado proved not to be as bad as initial reports suggested, and there were no reported deaths there, although some extensive damage to property.  But an elderly couple who were sucked out their house by tornado and hurled 600ft are identified as two of the seven people who died when twisters hit Missouri
A "near-normal" Atlantic hurricane forecast offers little comfort
Fires rage across Israel amid heat wave; homes evacuated, roads closed
This April saw big decline in Arctic sea ice cover - which is a little ironic given I recently saw someone on Facebook comparing current sea ice cover with that of September to "prove" that contrary to claims, ice cover is in fact increasing!
Climate change may make the Arctic tundra a drier landscape
Unexpected observation of ice at low temperature, high pressure questions water theory
Around the world more school students…

23rd May - Today's News: Jefferson City Tornado: "Catastrophic" Damage, Many Casualties

Monster tornado tears through Jefferson City in Missouri causing 'catastrophic damage' and a 'mass casualty event' with more local reporting as Jefferson City tornado video shows catastrophic damage  - more details obviously to emerge through the day.  Earlier, there were at least 7 dead as severe weather hits the Plains; storms next headed to East Coast
 Meanwhile one meteorologist claims storm chasers are becoming 'mobs' who block roads, create traffic jams and drive on the wrong side of highways in a desperate quest to capture viral content - and he's right.  Indeed, I know some regular storm chasers are thinking of giving up due to the sheer numbers - and consequential danger.
B.C. snowpacks near 40-year lows prompting drought fears
And strange spring storms bring pea-size pellets to Southern California.  Interesting that they associate hail with winter; in the UK it's more usual in spring and summer in association with convective storms.
Aerial imag…

22nd May - Today's News: Tornadoes and Flash Floods in Central US

21st May - Today's News: Could Sea Levels Rise 2m by 2100?

20th May - Today's News: US Tornado Season Ramps Up

17th May - Today's News: Corsican Snow

15th May - Today's News: 30c in Arctic Russia as World CO2 Levels Hit New High

14th May - Today's News: North Korea Faces Worst Drought on Record

13th May - Today's News: Wildfires Rage Around Lake Baikal

11th May - Today's News: Gorillas Don't Like Rain

9th May - Today's News: Floods in North America, Paraguay & Tanzania

7th May - Today's News: Spring Snow in Europe

In Europe, late spring feels more like winter in May with lots of snowy scenes, whilst rave-goers get hypothermia after unexpected snow in France
On the Mississippi River, the Iowa town of Davenport remains flooded a week after temporary levee breaks
Australia's Mildura dust storm turns day into night
In India, Andhra Pradesh reeling under heat wave conditions with 52 locations recording temperatures above 45c.  Meanwhile, across the border, after Cyclone Fani: More than 1,000 Bangladesh homes destroyed
After Moscow airport's deadly superjet-100 accident: can lightning cause a crash?  In theory, no.
'Impossible' research produces 400-year El NiƱo record, revealing startling changes
Asteroid disaster simulation tests Earth's ability to avoid catastrophic impact
And a new report warns that humans 'threaten 1m species with extinction'
d more at: Andhra Prad…

4th May - Today's News: 4 Dead in US Spring Floods

3rd May - Today's News: Cyclone Fani Hits India

1st May - Today's News: Cyclone Fani Approaches India