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27th February - Today's News: 5 Die in Durban Storm

In south Africa, five die as storm whips Durban This week's deadly tornadoes were first ever in Virginia in February   Large avalanche recorded in Glen Coe Karachi temperature reaches 36°C — breaks 20 year record for the highest ever February temperature Spectacular footage shows clouds cascading gently over China’s Mount Lu Annual winter growth of Arctic sea ice stalls early    NASA sees a different kind of El Nino compared with 1998  The Earth is warming 50x faster than when it comes out of an ice age And how Northern European waters soak up carbon dioxide

26th February - Today's News: Historic Snowfall in Tenerife

Whilst there has not been a single flake here in Evesham this winter, further south there's been historic snowfalls in Tenerife ... Powerful storm kills 4 in Virginia, raising death toll to 8 in the US this week Rare 'superbloom' blankets Death Valley in millions of yellow wildflowers Sydney heatwave: mercury hits 41.7C as city sets record for days above 26C Mongolia's Livestock in Danger After Drought, Harsh Winter And  Paleothithic man 'not the main cause of deaths at vast mammoth graveyard'

24th February - Today's News: Three Dead as Tornadoes Lash Southern US

Three dead and dozens more injured after Deep South is lashed by severe storms, tornadoes and high winds Cyclone Winston: Fears for isolated Fiji communities as death toll jumps to 42 As the Arctic roasts, Alaska bakes in one of its warmest winters ever   Rare triple waterspout spotted off Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain Temperature changes wreak ecological havoc in deforested areas, study finds Antarctica could be headed for major meltdown - although not this week .... Astronomers are 'getting closer' to locating mysterious ninth planet beyond Jupiter And is a rogue comet on a collision course with Earth?   No.

23rd February - Today's News: Australian Summer Ends With Another Heatwave

Sydney to hit 41C in the hottest February weather in 150 years... as Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide also feel the grip of the heatwave (cue lots of pictures of girls in bikinis .... ) Cyclone Winston: Death toll rises to 29 as clear-up begins Global sea levels rose faster in the 20th century than at any time in the past 3,000 years Antarctic ice sheet is more vulnerable to carbon dioxide than expected Meanwhile, it's reported that a Czech station registers record high temperature in the Antarctic Largest fireball since Chelyabinsk falls into the ocean: Nasa reports huge explosion of seven meter space rock over the Atlantic And analysis of tektites shows that Earth suffered multiple cosmic impacts 790,000 years ago

22nd February - Today's News: 21 Killed in Fiji by Record-breaking Cyclone Winston

On Saturday, Tropical Cyclone Winston makes category 5 landfall; strongest on record in Fiji whilst pictures show the horrific devastation caused as Cyclone Winston tore through Fiji wiping out villages   Today, death toll reaches 21 as authorities continue to assess damage . And a story from earlier this month we may have just seen a truly ominous new weather record set by Hurricane Patricia last October Beijing raises ‘red alert’ pollution threshold in new attempt to combat smog Dunwich: The storms that destroyed 'lost town' And one has to ask "why?", given the weather forecast ...... brothers' miracle rescue after getting trapped in minus 20C snow storm on Ben Nevis

20th February - Today's News: Exceptional Arctic Warmth

Scientists are floored by what’s happening in the Arctic right now with "absurdly" warm temperatures in January Cyclone Winston: Category Five storm makes landfall on Fiji's main island with wind gusts up to 325km/h -  it's one of the strongest ever recorded and likely to cause extensive damage today .... As rain falls, so does Seattle’s record for wettest wet season ever  Video footage as 90-degree heat torches the Heartland in mid-February, firenado ignited   Argentina declares flood emergency in six key farm provinces   El Niño passes its peak while La Niña is possible this year   'Ice age blob' of warm ocean water discovered south of Greenland And Pluto’s ‘hulk-like’ moon Charon: A possible ancient ocean?

19th February - Today's News: Cyclone Winston Hits Tonga Twice, Heads Towards Fuji

Fiji braces for cyclone Winston after Tonga hit twice NOAA confirm that January 2016 brought record warm temperatures for the globe Mystery black rain hits Michigan town A video of the stunning 'ice stacks' of Lake Superior whilst from Australia, video footage shows a towering tornado rise from the dust under a clear blue sky ... It's a dust devil though, not a tornado! In NZ, flash flood and logs trap Bay of Plenty couple in house On Ben Nevis, ground search for missing climbers remains suspended due to bad weather - it's been a sad week for hillwalkers and climbers.   But such activities are still much safer than swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea ...   So if anyone suggests we should be banned from going on the hills in winter, or other such nonsense, just ask why, in that case, children aren't banned from going to the beach ... Wintry blast rattles Spain and Portugal earlier this week Drou

17th February - Today's News: Record Snowfall in Ottawa

Record-breaking snow hits Ottawa while the weather calms into evening after snowy day in Toronto Washington storm brings record rainfall, more rain coming to northwest Whilst D.C. is the only city east of the Rockies having a ‘severe’ winter Dramatic images show destruction from tornadoes in Florida on Monday  In NZ, wild weather across South Island sends trees and trampoline flying with gales, downpours and thunder for South Island, while Hokitika street starts to flood Cyclone Winston causes damage in Tonga Scottish weather records from 1875 could help predict snowfall We had the lowest temperature in UK for four years recorded on Valentine's Day - but -14.1c isn't really that cold and it's more a reflection on how recent winters simply haven';t produced any really cold weather in Britain.   There could be a layer of iron meteorites 'buried in Antarctica' by the Sun

15th February - Today's News: January Warmest on Record?

Global temperatures leap higher in January, smashing records yet again according to JMA and NASA data.  I expect NOAA and HadCru to say the same.  UAH satelite data shows January to be the warmest month since 1998, however atmospheric temps usually respond slower to El Nino so we can expect coming months to be higher. The US sees President's Day chaos as 1,200-mile-long storm stretches across 17 Eastern states but in the SW, temperatures soars into 90s as Southern California heat wave continues 'Severe' earthquake close to Christchurch results in injuries and cliff collapse whilst today a second severe earthquake south of New Zealand felt as far north as Dunedin Niue issues alerts as cyclone Winston nears Tonga's Vava'u In Japan, temperatures fall back after setting record highs for February More severe drought in the Marshall Islands In the eye of the storm - climate change in the Pacific

13th February - Today's News: High Tides Cause Flooding in London and SW

Huge parts of London flooded after Thames bursts its banks due to massive tides and heavy rain whilst in Devon sea wall collapses as floods and high tides batter coastal areas around Plymouth 21st Century US 'dustbowl' risk assessed   Arctic Sea Ice Hits New January Low Cold weather spurs Arctic ozone hole concerns Window to reduce carbon emissions is small, scientists say but should we be relying on Governments to do something?  Or should we listen to Maggie Thatcher and accept that we all have our own personal responsibility and it's not just "someone else's problem"; we shouldn't just expect "someone else" to sort it out for us? Poor air quality kills 5.5 million worldwide annually   Catastrophic failure of ice age dam changed ocean circulation and climate around South America Solar cycle 24 activity continues to be lowest in nearly 200 years - yet still it refuses to stop getting warmer (the comments range

12th February - Today's News: Gravitational Waves Discovered

Strong winds form snowballs in the middle of nowhere in Idaho London flood alerts issued after 'astronomical' tide levels on Thames   It's suggested that lightning 'may have sparked' Tata Steel fire in Port Talbot Damaging winds strike southern Poland   Cyclone Tatiana forms off Queensland coast Decade of rising seas slowed by land soaking up extra water   First nationwide survey of climate change education - and its no surprise many Americans disbelieve the human contribution to climate change when it seems their teachers are ignorant of the facts ...   But this is the country where many also believe in Noah's flood and angels! For those who argue "why isn't China doing more to curb carbon emissions?":  Well, China overtakes EU to become global wind power leader NASA and Indian scientists say bus driver was not killed by a meteorite...   Taiwan quake death toll reaches 94 as relatives hold memorial

10th February - Today's News: Perth Heatwave Sets Record

Perth heatwave sets a record with seven days recording above 40c so far this year and the record of four consecutive such days being equalled.  Scenes of stupidity: The moment a streaker risks his life by running into a 50ft wave during Storm Imogen - despite safety warnings after a woman was left covered in blood after being hit by a massive breaker while taking a photo whilst in France, man rescues three people swept up by monstrous waves during storm - all also very lucky to be alive.  Do names make us think storms are worse? I do think they give the public the impression they are experiencing worse weather, especially when most only actually affect a small part of the country. Tropical Cyclone still on likely track for New Zealand   Urban heat islands exist even in the Arctic - perhaps the real surprise is why any would have thought otherwise?   No doubt the usual suspects this argue this is "proof" that all Arctic temperature data is flawed ..... 

9th February - Today's News: Storm Imogen Generates Massive Waves

Some great coastal action yesterday, such as the incredible moment a giant wave swells up and engulfs an entire Cornish hillside as 100mph Storm Imogen brings chaos to the transport network and leaves 13,000 homes without power   whilst in Eire, 5,000 homes left without power as West bears brunt of Imogen's fury In the US, winter storm Mars hits New England with howling 65 mph winds, coastal flooding and heavy snow Western Australia’s north hits 47C to become one of the hottest places on Earth but Perth heatwave unlikely to break a record for most consecutive days above 40c Tasmanian bushfires: Firefighters gear up for at least four more weeks battling blazes Indian soldier survives six days buried in snow on Siachen glacier Snow blankets eastern Turkey, roads to villages closed Taiwan earthquake death toll climbs to 41 Arctic sea ice levels hit record low after unusually warm January Not exactly a new idea, but did climate change cause the collapse of the eas

8th February - Today's News: Storm Imogen Hits England and Wales

Flooding returns to Evesham after Saturday saw the highest daily rainfall total for several years.   However, so far it's only the usual riverside meadows under water. Storm Imogen warning halts south coast and Channel Islands ferries Flooding hits South Wales with homes, trains and drivers all affected And today sees Storm Imogen lashing parts of England and Wales with rail tracks underwater and chaos on the roads as 5,000 homes are left without power after Storm Imogen gives the South a battering   Perth heatwave: City sweats it out as mercury heads to 42C Taiwan earthquake: Eight-year-old rescued after 60 hours   And Indian man believed first to be killed by meteorite

6th February - Today's News: Deadly Taiwan Earthquake

Deadly earthquake topples buildings in Taiwan city of Tainan - 8 now reported dead as rescue operations continue Winter Storm Lexi: One Dead, Thousands Without Power in New England Record Missouri flooding was manmade calamity, scientist says Perth's relentless heatwave a danger on many fronts   El Niño is a record breaker: Phenomenon has smashed 1997 record in past three months, scientists confirm Incredible lightning storm breaks out while lava shoots into the sky as Japanese volcano erupts The 'wrong type of trees' in Europe increased global warming - we should have been planting forests of deciduous trees, not conifers .... and the country would have looked a lot nicer to boot! And a warning that the Paris climate deal could 'displace millions of forest dwellers'

5th February - Today's News: Record Snowfall in Scotland (20 Years Ago)

20 years ago, SW Scotland experienced the day when the snow did not stop - no chance of seeing anything like that down here this winter, with it starting to look like it could end up entirely snow-free .... And it's not just mild here, a spring-like day sets new February temperature record for Toronto - 0.6c higher the the previous February record and more new all time February records broken for Ontario heat In WA, Perth heatwave: Trains slowed by extreme temperatures The 3 ingredients that caused Michigan's latest 'wacky' winter storm   Is global warming behind D.C.’s new era of great snowstorms?   Nasa reveals stunning view of blizzards, thunderstorms and hail that hit in January Another story from Storm Henry: Ayrshire man miraculously escapes after lightning strike blows chimney off his house Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe declares drought disaster   Exceptionally hot and dry winter in northeast Brazil may be linked to outbr

3rd February - Today's News: Clean-up After Storm Henry

Clear-up begins after storms that brought 90mph winds and travel chaos to Scotland and the North   The US sees tornadoes in the South; Snow in Plains and Upper Midwest On Groundhog Day 2016: Punxsutawney Phil sees no shadow, predicts early spring   China snow strands 'nearly 100,000' at Guangzhou station   Greenland ice sheet releasing 'Mississippi River' worth of phosphorus   Study shows North Atlantic Ocean CO2 storage doubled over last decade    Life on distant planets hasn't been found because it has yet to evolve, says scientist - and even here, life capable of radio communication has only existed for 0.00000002% of Earth's history .... And our disappearing world: From a melting glacier to waterfalls of fire, list reveals nine natural wonders and popular attractions destroyed by climate change and tourists

2nd February - Today's News: Storm Henry Hits Scotland

There's a warning not to travel as Storm Henry takes grip in Scotland this morning Elsewhere in Britain, colourful nacreous clouds spark aurora borealis reports whilst ‘Magical rainbow clouds’ light up Ireland’s skies with widespread reports of 'nacries' - as I have dubbed them - including over Evesham both yesterday and this morning.  It's extremely rare to see them so far south. Brisbane weather: Heat and humidity land six high school students in hospital And in the Eastern Cape, heatwave forces parts of SA to down tools The phase of the Moon affects amount of rainfall Scientists get a rare glimpse of erupting Australian sub-Antarctic volcano A new study concludes that carbon emissions boosted 2014 January storm risk 'by 43%' There was an increase in volcanic eruptions at the end of the ice age caused by melting ice caps and erosion And a geophysicist questions stability of Antarctic ice sheet - it may be more stable th

1st February - Today's News: Cyclone Stan Hits Western Australia

Cyclone Stan: Woman trapped as flood warning issued for North West Western Australia  Hot on the tail of Gertrude, Storm Henry prompts new wind warnings for Scotland   Snow falls in parts of Northern Ireland after thousands left without electricity after high winds Winds topping 115mph hit Southern California   Delhi saw no rain in January: Capital experiences driest winter in 13 years Snow disrupts China's pre-holiday travel rush   Cold weather brings rare snowfalls to tropical Laos The Horn of Africa is desperate for rain Cold weather brings rare snowfalls to tropical Laos - See more at: