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27th February - Today's News: 5 Die in Durban Storm

26th February - Today's News: Historic Snowfall in Tenerife

24th February - Today's News: Three Dead as Tornadoes Lash Southern US

23rd February - Today's News: Australian Summer Ends With Another Heatwave

22nd February - Today's News: 21 Killed in Fiji by Record-breaking Cyclone Winston

20th February - Today's News: Exceptional Arctic Warmth

19th February - Today's News: Cyclone Winston Hits Tonga Twice, Heads Towards Fuji

Fiji braces for cyclone Winston after Tonga hit twice
NOAA confirm that January 2016 brought record warm temperatures for the globe
Mystery black rain hits Michigan town
A video of the stunning 'ice stacks' of Lake Superior whilst from Australia, video footage shows a towering tornado rise from the dust under a clear blue sky ... It's a dust devil though, not a tornado!
In NZ, flash flood and logs trap Bay of Plenty couple in house
On Ben Nevis, ground search for missing climbers remains suspended due to bad weather - it's been a sad week for hillwalkers and climbers.   But such activities are still much safer than swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea ...   So if anyone suggests we should be banned from going on the hills in winter, or other such nonsense, just ask why, in that case, children aren't banned from going to the beach ...
Wintry blast rattles Spain and Portugal earlier this week
Drought ends in Brazil's Sao Paulo b…

17th February - Today's News: Record Snowfall in Ottawa

15th February - Today's News: January Warmest on Record?

13th February - Today's News: High Tides Cause Flooding in London and SW

Huge parts of London flooded after Thames bursts its banks due to massive tides and heavy rain whilst in Devon sea wall collapses as floods and high tides batter coastal areas around Plymouth
21st Century US 'dustbowl' risk assessed
Arctic Sea Ice Hits New January Low
Cold weather spurs Arctic ozone hole concerns
Window to reduce carbon emissions is small, scientists say but should we be relying on Governments to do something?  Or should we listen to Maggie Thatcher and accept that we all have our own personal responsibility and it's not just "someone else's problem"; we shouldn't just expect "someone else" to sort it out for us?
Poor air quality kills 5.5 million worldwide annually
Catastrophic failure of ice age dam changed ocean circulation and climate around South America
Solar cycle 24 activity continues to be lowest in nearly 200 years - yet still it refuses to stop getting warmer (the comments range from bemusing to bizarre)....
And coal mining …

12th February - Today's News: Gravitational Waves Discovered

10th February - Today's News: Perth Heatwave Sets Record

Perth heatwave sets a record with seven days recording above 40c so far this year and the record of four consecutive such days being equalled. 
Scenes of stupidity: The moment a streaker risks his life by running into a 50ft wave during Storm Imogen - despite safety warnings after a woman was left covered in blood after being hit by a massive breaker while taking a photo whilst in France, man rescues three people swept up by monstrous waves during storm - all also very lucky to be alive. 
Do names make us think storms are worse? I do think they give the public the impression they are experiencing worse weather, especially when most only actually affect a small part of the country.
Tropical Cyclone still on likely track for New Zealand
Urban heat islands exist even in the Arctic - perhaps the real surprise is why any would have thought otherwise?   No doubt the usual suspects this argue this is "proof" that all Arctic temperature data is flawed .....   But obviously such heat is…

9th February - Today's News: Storm Imogen Generates Massive Waves

8th February - Today's News: Storm Imogen Hits England and Wales

6th February - Today's News: Deadly Taiwan Earthquake

5th February - Today's News: Record Snowfall in Scotland (20 Years Ago)

3rd February - Today's News: Clean-up After Storm Henry

2nd February - Today's News: Storm Henry Hits Scotland

1st February - Today's News: Cyclone Stan Hits Western Australia