10th February - Today's News: Perth Heatwave Sets Record

Perth heatwave sets a record with seven days recording above 40c so far this year and the record of four consecutive such days being equalled. 

Do names make us think storms are worse? I do think they give the public the impression they are experiencing worse weather, especially when most only actually affect a small part of the country.

Urban heat islands exist even in the Arctic - perhaps the real surprise is why any would have thought otherwise?   No doubt the usual suspects this argue this is "proof" that all Arctic temperature data is flawed .....   But obviously such heat islands, even if only just measured, have not just suddenly appeared!   And there is perhaps an argument that better insulation in buildings today mean they may actually be less than they used to be.

It's claimed climate change 'to make transatlantic flights longer' though on the face of it this seems counter-intuitive since, contrary to what the article implies, global warming is currently seeing the Arctic warm faster than elsewhere and therefore the temperature difference is decreasing and the jet stream should, consequently, weaken.  Not strengthen. 

And an asteroid just half a mile wide could unleash a mini ice age if it hits Earth - probably still wouldn't get any snow or decent frosts in Evesham though ....


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