9th February - Today's News: Storm Imogen Generates Massive Waves

Some great coastal action yesterday, such as the incredible moment a giant wave swells up and engulfs an entire Cornish hillside as 100mph Storm Imogen brings chaos to the transport network and leaves 13,000 homes without power  whilst in Eire, 5,000 homes left without power as West bears brunt of Imogen's fury

In the US, winter storm Mars hits New England with howling 65 mph winds, coastal flooding and heavy snow

Western Australia’s north hits 47C to become one of the hottest places on Earth but Perth heatwave unlikely to break a record for most consecutive days above 40c

Tasmanian bushfires: Firefighters gear up for at least four more weeks battling blazes

Indian soldier survives six days buried in snow on Siachen glacier

Snow blankets eastern Turkey, roads to villages closed

Taiwan earthquake death toll climbs to 41

Arctic sea ice levels hit record low after unusually warm January

Not exactly a new idea, but did climate change cause the collapse of the eastern Roman Empire?

Dark, short winter days make it harder to concentrate and affect our memory

Asian monsoon season weakens as the Indian Ocean warms

Chilling study warns we only have 'a few more decades' to reverse climate change - and says the effects will be felt for 10,000 years

Meanwhile, climate change driving species to the Earth's poles faster than predicted, scientists say

The risk of a 'mega-quake' in LA increases as scientists find thrust faults can ‘jump’ 10 time farther than thought

And Indian scientists to verify Tamil Nadu meteorite death claim as reported yesterday. 


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