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30th March - Today's News: Heatwave Ends, Wildfires Continue

The heatwave is just about over - grey skies here today and distinctly cooler - and it's still looking cool and at times wet for Easter (as has been predicted for the past week). Nonetheless, for the time it remains very dry across Britain, with warnings gorse fires in Northern Ireland 'will cost lives' whilst homes evacuated due to heath fire near Beauly and in the Brecon Beacons helicopter to fight grass fires in new crackdown.

And although some snow if forecast for the hills this weekend and next week, Cairngorm Mountain ski resort in 'summer mode' - at what should normally be one of their busiest times of the year

Deaths feared as severe storm hits Fiji

In Viet Nam, Deputy PM warns of abnormal early stormas TS Pakhar apporaches

Weather cooperates as firefighters battle Colorado wildfire

CO2 was hidden in the ocean during last ice age

Met Office to provide space weather warnings for planet Earth and forecasts for exoplanets - the latter should keep them quite busy n…

28th March - Today's News: More UK Temp Records Broken as Heath Fires Increase

As expected, March temperature records broken again in Scotland with 23.6c at Aboyne - also the UK date record. Once again almost the entire country experienced clear blue skies - it's rare indeed to go so long without seeing a cloud!

Dry and hot weather spark 'perfect recipe' for raging wildfires across UK as grass fire in Swansea Valley spreads to Ystalyfera house, though at least the Borders and Dunfries grass fires 'under control'

Yorkshire declared in drought as warm weather continues

And weather models are starting to back away from the idea of a breakdown to more unsettled conditions, with dry weather now likely to continue for most places until at least the end of next week, though it should turn cooler over the weekend and through next week with more cloud and maybe some light rain at times, mainly in the Highlands.

Whether it will make any difference here remains to be see (the effect of ENSO in W Europe is debateable) but we should start seeing drier weat…

27th March = Today's News: Scottish Temp Record Beaten Again

26th March - Today's News: Record March Temps in Britain

A record breaking weekend in Britain with the maximum on Saturday tying the date record and on Sunday, not only brealking it but also producing the warmest March day ever for Scotland. Today looks like being a repeat. It was also the warmest 2 days I've ever recorded in Evesham in March.

At 22.8c Scotland breaks record for March

'Hospepipe hotlines' to enforce drought restrictions as March heatwave continues all week

Heath fires on the rise as UK drought worsens - still looks like most places should see some rain over Easter though.

And there was also record March temperature set at 21.2c in St Helier - though the Channel Islands might still be a little aggreived it was even warmer in Scotland!

In Canada, heatwave, ice jams lead to flooding in western New Brunswick

'Tornado' downs trees in Leeston in NZ

Temperatures could rise by 3c by 2050, models suggest - but only according to some of the higher model simulaton runs (though as usual, this is not immediately apparent …

24th March - Today's News: Spring Snowstorm Hits Moscow

19.1c in my garden yesterday. Could see 20c today. Easter still looking wet ... Charlwood hit 21.3c on the hottest day of the year as Britain prepares for a BBQ weekend - but it's not surprising it's warmer than Bondi beach given it's autumn down there!

Up in Scotland the wildfire season has started as heath fires tackled across the Highlands and Islands - several weeks earlier than last year.

Meanwhile, US heat 'unprecedented', 7,000 records set or tied - but that means daily records for specific locations.

It's a bit different in Russia though where spring snowstorm envelops Moscow - interesting to note that it's the first this year that snow cover there has been more than normal.

There's been jolts across the desert as earthquake strikes central Australia

And according to the latest WMO report, 2011 was the 11th warmest year on record (despite La Nina) and the second wettest year on record for Aust. The report also shows (again, as we already knew)…

23rd March - Today's News: Britain Sees 20c as Spring Warms Up

Otterbourne in Hampshire was the first place in Britain to break the 20c barrier this year, with 20.1c recorded there yesterday. There's a fine, warm weekend in store and much the same next week. Seasons play leapfrog as March feels just like balmy June. But signs are that it will turn cooler and wet just in time for Easter .... with even a risk of snow over Scottish hills.

Warm, dry weather fuels wildfire season in Plains, Midwest but floods continue to swamp Louisiana and in the Pacific NW spring storm dumps on Ore valley, mountains - with record amounts of snowfall for this time of year. Which has got Wattsy and his mates quite excited! (they seem to think it's due to global warming or something. Idiots)

Queensland's Sunshine Coast mobs up after torrential rain

In the UAE sandstorms and cold temperatures are drastic turns in weather transition

Warm weather sparks early hay fever in Germany

Meet the weather frogs - Swiss prophets with sizzling secrets

Vicky Pope asks d…

21st March - Today's News: Tornadoes and Flash Floods in US South

Tornado hits San Antonio as severe weather rattles South and Midwest and there's been some 'extremely dangerous' flash floods reported in Louisiana, Texas

In Canada they explain the anatomy of a heatwave

It never rains OR pours: what can we do about the worst British drought for 30 years? asks Michael Hanlon - some quite bizarre comments posted there!

There's snow expected in the hills of SE Australia this week so get your winter clothes: the chill is nigh

Climate 'tech fixes' urged for Arctic methane - but not by me. Geoengineering is a new disatser just waiting to happen: beware the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Illegal logging makes billions for gangs according to a new report. It alos causes regional climate change and increases the risk of drought and flood - and especially landslides. But money is all.

Mexico hit by strong earthquake near Acapulco

Venice continues slow sink, satellite readings show - although water extraction from beneath the city has ceas…

20th March - Today's News: A Warm & Dry Start to Spring

It's the Spring Equinox today, so however you determine it, winter is well and truely over. Feels it to - already a warm, sunny day here in Evesham and a glorious start to the day in dry and barren Britain. By the looks of things it's going to remain mostly warm, dry and sunny through till Easter. Which also means we're certain to see our 17th consecutive month here with below average rainfall.

Across the Atlantic, 'March mildness' in Canada upstaging the winter that wasn't while in Ottawa, weekend heat wave spawns first smog day. And in parts of the US, heat wave sizzles on, toppling more than 2,000 records. And all this warm weather puts trees on fast forward.

But it's not hot everywhere, as, in stark contrast to the rest of the country, spring brings more cold, snow and rain to eastern Canada while in California winter storm saturates area ahead of arrival of spring and there are flooding fears after wet and windy weather socks south-central US.


19th March - Today's News: Record March Heatwave in N America

14th March - Today's News: Heavy Snow on Oregon Coast

Probably the last update till next week as I'm away for MBA meetings in Glasgow on Friday and probably won't have time to do anything tomorrow. But the weather's pretty quiet around the world at the moment after the excitement in the US and Australia earlier this month.

'Weather bomb' blasts through Cambell River in BC, whilst storm brings snow, wind and cold to Oregon coast, more expected Wednesday - they don't normally see much snow on the coast in Oregon.

In Australia, cool, wet weather fails to dilute evidence of warming - I'm not convinced I entirely agree with CO2 affecting temp and sea levels more than natural variability, and as usual they seem to have forgotten that there's a lot more to AGW than GHGs But I agree that cool wet weather caused by La Nina does not mean warming isn't happening nor that warmer and drier conditions won't increase over the coming decades due to AGW, all else being equal.

Menawhile, Darwin hit by deluge …

13th March - Today's News: Study Shows Dramatic Drop in Swiss Snowfall

Despite a spell of record snow fall this winter, over the past 30 years as a whole there's been a dramatic drop in Swiss snowfall of up to 60%. However, a seperate study shows that California's snow not disappearing despite drought.

Forget spring, here comes summer: Britain to bask in 17c temperatures all week - but it's bad news for skiers in Scotland where the season has come to a rather premature end. March is usually one of the best months but a mild winter and lack of snow since December means the Highlands look more like they do in June with just a few scattered patches of snow. Notwithstanding which, some of these are quite deep and compacted and may well last into the summer.

And as predicted yesterday, hosepipe ban to be imposed in drought-hit parts of UK . However, here in Evesham, Severn Trent Water 'not predicting' hosepipe bans, despite the Avon having an "exceptionally low flow".

In Canada too, spring arrive early with double-digit tempera…

12th March - Today's News: English Hosepipe Ban Looms

Hosepipe ban looms for 20 million as drought bites across England

Weekend relief as NSW flood crisis abates but there's a cyclone watch for Top End tropical low. And in WA, Perth sweltering in four-day heatwave

Great Lakes ice down 71% since 1973, study finds whilst another study reports Greenland ice sheet more sensitive to warming

Concerns grow as hundreds of turbines to be built across Britain - and of course, rather than despoil one area and leave elsewhere of intrusive human presence, they'll be scattered hither and thither, as they are in Wales, so wherever you go, they'll be visible. Thankfully the remotest places may yet be protected by their remoteness as it's cheaper to build wind farms relatively close to main roads. For now.

And here's hoping for clear evening skies this week to see a close conjunction as Venus and Jupiter to pass in the night sky

10th March - Today's News: Australian Flood Clean-up Begins

Australian flood clean-up begins

A rare tornado causes damage in Kailua in Hawaii

It's not just England that's had a dry winter as drought-hit Spain tackles four wildfires

Mid-Atlantic suburbs in US can expect an early spring thanks to the heat of the big city - another example of how humans change regional climate. And if this one area is warmer that it would otherwise have been, and nowhere is equally and oppositely cooler, then the average surface temperature of the whole planet must be very slightly higher. That's AGW.

9th March - Today's News: Record Rain & Record Heatwaves in Australia

In WA, Perth prepares for record breaking heatwave, but NSW braces for more flooding as 2012 makes rain history

Spectacular auroras erupt around the world as solar storm glances of Earth - but nothing visible in Britain, and no disruption caused.

NOAA data shows winter was the fourth warmest on record for contiguous US

Oxfam warns of West African drought 'catastrophe'

Survivors from Afghan Badakhshan avalanche rescued

Scientists detect seismic signals from tornado

And pick out the errors in this: Spring is here as sunny weather sweeps Britain - quite apart from the fact it's overcast today ... I'm not sure where the weeks of bitterly cold weather got to and England's 'normal 9.3c' is the average maximum for the month, so we expect many places to record much higher temperatures every year. As indeed they do. I have no idea where they get the idea this 'heatwave' will last till Easter, either. It does look like being a mostly dry and settled month dow…

8th March - Today's News: Big Solar Storm Hits Earth

Fears of disruption as strong solar storm hits the Earth - and a chance of some aurora being visible to mid latitudes today (and hopefully in Britain tonight)

More wild weather chaos hits NSW whilst in Victoria, Nathalia residents told to go as 'levees may not hold'

In China, cloud-seeding set to cover a wider area - though I can't help thinking this is just a sop to the public to make then think the government is trying to do something about climate changes and water shortages caused by deforesestation, global warming and a massive population. Or maybe they really do think it makes a difference?

Sea-threatened Kiribati mulls moving people to Fuji whilst here in Britain UK nuclear sites at risk if flooding, report shows - though of course the flood risk for places like Sizewell, Bradwell and Dungeness would increase over time anyway due to the land in SE England still sinking as a result of post-glacial isostasy. Whether that's an argument for building more nuclear powe…

7th March - Today's News: Trees Covered in Silk as Spiders Flee Australian Floods

6th March - Today's News: New Research Support 'Clovis Comet' Theory

5th March - Today's News: Deadly Australian Floods Spread; Storm System May Become Cyclone

Two dead in flood crises gripping parts of Victoria, NSW and Queensland with fears that deadly Queensland deluge may become cyclone

In the US last week tornado forecasts saved countless lives but orphaned toddler who was blown 300 yards into field by tornado dies of injuries (some reports say she was found up to 16km away - but that seems a tad unlikely) with the total death toll up to 39 as snowy weather adds to tornado survivor's misery.

Cyclone Irina wreaks havoc in KZN

UAE weather wreaks havoc

Up to 900 tropical bird species could become extinct if global warming continues as much and as rapidly as many currently predict.

Ice dam collapses at Argentine glacier - watched by thousands.

On Friday night a very bright meteor witnessed across Britain - of course, I was indoors and missed it!

Earthquakes shake Indian capital Delhi

And the John Muir Trust have launced a Talla and Gameshope estate purchase bid - the MBA have a bothy on the Gameshope Estate and it would be nice to see this area…

3rd March - Today's News: More Tornadoes Flatten US Towns, Kill at Least 28

More bad news from the US yesterday as tornadoes ravage the South and Midwest - wiping entire Indiana town off the map and claiming at least 28 lives (it has to be said that despite their faults, the Daily Mail does provide good, accurate, coverage of events like these, as well as the best photos). Video footage from the BBC as more than 70 tornadoes rip through five States There'll no doubt be more on this on Monday once the full toll is known.

In NZ, weather bomb causes havoc in North Island

And in Australia 'unprecedented amount of rain': flood evacuations after Sydney dam spills while in Victoria, floods cut off towns, close roads

We had abour 1mm of rain here in Evesham this morning - and there could be a decent amount tomorrow. It's quite exciting!

Calif walloped as snow falls across northern US

Texas drought twists migrations of many birds

SA on 'high alert' for cyclone Irina

In Scotland, hydro generation 'high' after warm and wet winter


2nd March - Today's News: 13 Killed as Tornadoes Ravage US Midwest

February comes to a tragic end in the US as Wednesday's Midwest tornado death toll rises to 13 as tornado-ravaged towns brace for more storms. One tornado destroys Illinois catholic church, but Harrisburg hospital in tornado's path stands its ground.

Elsewhere, late season now hits parts if NH, Maine, Vt whilst Ca snow exceeds forecast, but too little too late to replenish water supplies for the year. And overall for the US, snow was a no-show during most of weak, warm winter

Floods force 1700 evacuation across NSW and with more rain, records tumble with news just in that Warragamba dam finally spills over.

In NZ, weather bomb forecast widened as severe weather expected this weekend - and nice to see an explanation there of what meteorologists mean by a 'bomb'.

Heavy snow falls in Jersusalem for first time in 4 years

Cyclone warning in Swaziland as Cyclone Irina heads for S Africa

Thickest parts of the Arctic ice cap melting faster whilst a NASA study suggests that lo…