21st March - Today's News: Tornadoes and Flash Floods in US South

Tornado hits San Antonio as severe weather rattles South and Midwest and there's been some 'extremely dangerous' flash floods reported in Louisiana, Texas

In Canada they explain the anatomy of a heatwave

It never rains OR pours: what can we do about the worst British drought for 30 years? asks Michael Hanlon - some quite bizarre comments posted there!

There's snow expected in the hills of SE Australia this week so get your winter clothes: the chill is nigh

Climate 'tech fixes' urged for Arctic methane - but not by me. Geoengineering is a new disatser just waiting to happen: beware the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Illegal logging makes billions for gangs according to a new report. It alos causes regional climate change and increases the risk of drought and flood - and especially landslides. But money is all.

Mexico hit by strong earthquake near Acapulco

Venice continues slow sink, satellite readings show - although water extraction from beneath the city has ceased, the underlying sediments are still compacting.


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