7th March - Today's News: Trees Covered in Silk as Spiders Flee Australian Floods

In Australia Wagga 'dodges a bullet' as severe weather warning issued for Sydney whilst thousands of spiders 'ballooning' in in flooded NSW - something also seen in Pakistan after the massive floods there a couple of years back. The Daily Mail (as ever) has the best pictures of this ghostly landscape of cobwebs. Meanwhile, in Queensland, missing teens found alive and well in flood country.

Hawaii gov. declares disaster after rain, flooding as closed bridges and landslides paralyse Kauai's north shore communities

Afghanistan avalanche kills 42 in Badakhstan

Warm weather surprised students, meteorologists throughout the Midwest whilst the balmy winter means more mosquitoes and crop pests come summer

Malaysian deforestation continues apace, report claims - bad news if you live in SE Asia and don't like droughts and floods, good news if you like cheap palm oil ..... And Brazil vote sparks fears for future of rainforest in the Amazon - which in turn is bad news for the USA since deforestation there impacts on rainfall in parts of North America.


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