3rd March - Today's News: More Tornadoes Flatten US Towns, Kill at Least 28

More bad news from the US yesterday as tornadoes ravage the South and Midwest - wiping entire Indiana town off the map and claiming at least 28 lives (it has to be said that despite their faults, the Daily Mail does provide good, accurate, coverage of events like these, as well as the best photos). Video footage from the BBC as more than 70 tornadoes rip through five States There'll no doubt be more on this on Monday once the full toll is known.

In NZ, weather bomb causes havoc in North Island

And in Australia 'unprecedented amount of rain': flood evacuations after Sydney dam spills while in Victoria, floods cut off towns, close roads

We had abour 1mm of rain here in Evesham this morning - and there could be a decent amount tomorrow. It's quite exciting!

Calif walloped as snow falls across northern US

Texas drought twists migrations of many birds

SA on 'high alert' for cyclone Irina

In Scotland, hydro generation 'high' after warm and wet winter

There's flood threat in Himalayas, says Apa

New study links dust to increased glacier melting, ocean productivity - but there would be less dust in Iceland if humans had not denuded the landscape of trees hundreds of years ago.

Apparently, Arctic sea ice on the rise, year's ice extent is highest since 2006 according to NORSEX SSM/I data - which does not however mean that there is not a trend for ice extent to be declining. And this report may be a particualr journalist's interpretation of the data as I've not seen any official releases on this. The latest I can see from the NSIDC is that "Overall, Arctic sea ice extent remained lower than average in January. However, in the Bering Sea, ice extent was much greater than normal." In fact, from their graph it appears to be at a record low level for the end of January. Be interesting to see what the Feb data actually shows.

A win for climate science in Virginia as one of the anti-science mob is denied access to some of Michael Mann's documents.

Oxygen envelops Saturn's icy moon Dione


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