23rd March - Today's News: Britain Sees 20c as Spring Warms Up

Otterbourne in Hampshire was the first place in Britain to break the 20c barrier this year, with 20.1c recorded there yesterday. There's a fine, warm weekend in store and much the same next week. Seasons play leapfrog as March feels just like balmy June. But signs are that it will turn cooler and wet just in time for Easter .... with even a risk of snow over Scottish hills.

Warm, dry weather fuels wildfire season in Plains, Midwest but floods continue to swamp Louisiana and in the Pacific NW spring storm dumps on Ore valley, mountains - with record amounts of snowfall for this time of year. Which has got Wattsy and his mates quite excited! (they seem to think it's due to global warming or something. Idiots)

Queensland's Sunshine Coast mobs up after torrential rain

In the UAE sandstorms and cold temperatures are drastic turns in weather transition

Warm weather sparks early hay fever in Germany

Meet the weather frogs - Swiss prophets with sizzling secrets

Vicky Pope asks do you believe in climate change? Or rather, why not?

Warming Antarctic brings changes to penquin breeding cycles

There's a thousand year wait for Titan's methane rain - it doesn't 'rain' often, but when it does it pours .... No rain there, but Mercury's poles give up hint of ice. And on Mars, previously unseen landform gives rare window into geological history of red planet.

New light shed on wandering continents and a seismic survey at Mariana trench will follow water dragged down into the Earth's mantle.

New research concludes that in Australia - as many already think - human hunting caused extinction of megafauna

And finally, today is World Meteorological Day


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