6th March - Today's News: New Research Support 'Clovis Comet' Theory

Australia floods: thousands evacuate NSW town of Wagga Wagga but some good news as Bureau downgrades cyclone risk for SE Queensland

One good story from last weeks tornadoes as young North Carolina children miraculously survive direct tornado strike

Snow brings chaos to Belgium and northern France

Storm Irina: 65 killed in Madagascar, weather agency says

Thames flooding isn't rising, long-term records show - I would think that increased water extraction - both from the river itself and acquifers within the catchment area - also contribute to the fall in flood levels.

In NZ, grey summer breaks records for lack of sunshine whilst some holiday spots hit record low temperatures

In Scotland, good weather helps black grouse numbers to increase

We have new insights into cloud formation

Warming of two degrees over Antarctica inevitable, experts say as ice hockey feels the heat in Canada

Alien invaders threaten Antarctica - carried in on the boots and clothing of visitors and then getting established in part because conditions are warming up there.

The Blue Planet's water budget: do we have enough? Yes. Though it looks like over the last 4 billion years we've lost around 25% of what we started out with.

More research supports the 'holistic view' that demise of early large animals caused by both humans and climate change

Fiery weather explosions detected on Venus

And I've been waiting for a report on this, having heard of the paper (hidden behind a paywall) a couple of weeks ago. New research supports theory of extraterrestrial impact. The 'Clovis Comet' theory did look to be dead and buried. But it very much alove once more. Until the next piece of research ....


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