13th March - Today's News: Study Shows Dramatic Drop in Swiss Snowfall

Despite a spell of record snow fall this winter, over the past 30 years as a whole there's been a dramatic drop in Swiss snowfall of up to 60%. However, a seperate study shows that California's snow not disappearing despite drought.

Forget spring, here comes summer: Britain to bask in 17c temperatures all week - but it's bad news for skiers in Scotland where the season has come to a rather premature end. March is usually one of the best months but a mild winter and lack of snow since December means the Highlands look more like they do in June with just a few scattered patches of snow. Notwithstanding which, some of these are quite deep and compacted and may well last into the summer.

And as predicted yesterday, hosepipe ban to be imposed in drought-hit parts of UK . However, here in Evesham, Severn Trent Water 'not predicting' hosepipe bans, despite the Avon having an "exceptionally low flow".

In Canada too, spring arrive early with double-digit temperatures across the country although in BC, storm wrecks boats, topples trees onto houses on Vancouver Island

While in the US, warmer weather to blanket central and eastern USA, but intense rains cause flash flooding, spur evacuations in Lousiana

Although the rains have eased in recent days, floodwaters in Australia continue to move downstream. Vic floods move west, properties at risk with new flood disaster zones declared in NSW. And further north, cyclone likely to hit Top End tomorrow. Meanwhile, for Perth, records boil over in March heatwave as hot weather creates fire havoc.

And there's been record cold this winter in China.

Asia's climatic disasters displace 42 million people over the past 2 years

Brecon Beacons National Park buids for dark sky status (the photo is a composote image btw)

Scientists stunned by Oslo meteorite find

Goce gravity data traces Moho boundary

And something of interest to those of us who would like to see wolves reintroduced in the Highlands: wolves 'dine on der, shun sheep' in Germany.


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