9th March - Today's News: Record Rain & Record Heatwaves in Australia

In WA, Perth prepares for record breaking heatwave, but NSW braces for more flooding as 2012 makes rain history

Spectacular auroras erupt around the world as solar storm glances of Earth - but nothing visible in Britain, and no disruption caused.

NOAA data shows winter was the fourth warmest on record for contiguous US

Oxfam warns of West African drought 'catastrophe'

Survivors from Afghan Badakhshan avalanche rescued

Scientists detect seismic signals from tornado

And pick out the errors in this: Spring is here as sunny weather sweeps Britain - quite apart from the fact it's overcast today ... I'm not sure where the weeks of bitterly cold weather got to and England's 'normal 9.3c' is the average maximum for the month, so we expect many places to record much higher temperatures every year. As indeed they do. I have no idea where they get the idea this 'heatwave' will last till Easter, either. It does look like being a mostly dry and settled month down here though - not good for the water table.


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