28th March - Today's News: More UK Temp Records Broken as Heath Fires Increase

As expected, March temperature records broken again in Scotland with 23.6c at Aboyne - also the UK date record. Once again almost the entire country experienced clear blue skies - it's rare indeed to go so long without seeing a cloud!

Dry and hot weather spark 'perfect recipe' for raging wildfires across UK as grass fire in Swansea Valley spreads to Ystalyfera house, though at least the Borders and Dunfries grass fires 'under control'

Yorkshire declared in drought as warm weather continues

And weather models are starting to back away from the idea of a breakdown to more unsettled conditions, with dry weather now likely to continue for most places until at least the end of next week, though it should turn cooler over the weekend and through next week with more cloud and maybe some light rain at times, mainly in the Highlands.

Whether it will make any difference here remains to be see (the effect of ENSO in W Europe is debateable) but we should start seeing drier weather in SE Asia and Australia and rains return to S America as La Nina weather pattern ends.

A new study examining 40 years of satellite data finds West Antarctic ice shelves tearing apart at seams

Signs of thawing permafrost revealed from space

What is the cost of climate change to our oceans?

And there's new evidence that comets deposited building blocks of life on primordial Earth


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