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30th July - Today's News: Tennis-Ball Sized Hail Hits Colorado

Colorado hail storm delivers tennis ball-size ice
Britain has seen a north-south rainfall divide for July - Evesham itself has now had just a fraction over 20% of average rainfall and it's the driest summer month and 4th driest month overall in my records (from 2007)
Dramatic footage shows twister above the skies of Essex
Bad news as the SNP get their way and wreak more destruction to despicable useless high moors where no-one ever goes as plans for the biggest windfarm in the Highlands are to go ahead
Portugal swelters through July
Caught on camera: tornado rips off roofs in northern Vietnam
Over 100 dead in South Asia monsoon flooding
‘Volcano of Fire’ erupts spectacularly in Guatemala, authorities on alert whilst this volcano in Hawaii looks as if it’s smiling
And China's $30 million project to control the weather - well, seed clouds to dubious effect, anyway ...

28th July - Today's News: Tropical Storm Mirinae Hits China

27th July - Today's News: Tornadoes Hit South Africa

26th July - Today's News: Snow Grips Parts of South Africa

25th July - Today's News: Chinese Flood Toll Rise to Over 200

23rd July - Today's News: Mitribah, Kuwait Hits 54c (129.2f) - Highest Ever Temperature Outside of Death Valley

Subject to confirmation, two Middle East locations hit 129 degrees, hottest ever in Eastern Hemisphere, maybe the world - the official highest recorded temperature of 56.7c in Death Valley in 1913 is disputed.  In any case, these are the highest credibily recorded temperatures outside of Death valley.
Sweltering heat wave hits USA's three biggest cities but it's chiller in parts of Canada where July snowfall hits Northern N.W.T. communities
China floods: At least 78 killed and 'millions homeless'
Tasmania weather: Snow, hail and wind send chills throughout the state
SA weather: High winds recorded as BoM issues severe warning
Giant mountains on Venus may help explain bizarre clouds
And does this photo show a tornado in Edinburgh?  Well it's certainly an impressive funnel cloud, but whether it made contact with the ground to become a tornado is impossible to say

22nd July - Today's News: Lightning Damages Dundee Road

21st July - Today's News: Iraqi Heatwave Hits 53c

It may have been warm here in Britain, but it was nothing compared with the Middle East where Iraq heat wave sends temperatures up to 53 degrees Celsius
Meanwhile, down under, Canberra records warmest ever July night and it's forecast that parts of Australia and NZ could see more July temperature records broken in the next few days.
In the Alps, the Rhone Glacier covered in blankets to stave off its inevitable melting
Deluge hits Siberia's largest city, causing 'waterfall' near city's railway station
Arizona monsoon storm floods social media with great pictures of a strong microburst over Phoenix
13 killed, over 60 unaccounted for in China rains
As heat records pile up, La Niña may usher in cooler 2017
Vitamin D supplements 'advised for everyone' in Britain, because we don't get enough sunlight.  Not, I think, because there isn't enough sunlight, but rather our lifestyles mean that, especially in winter, we are rarely out in it ...  Going for a regular…

20th July - Today's News: Spanish Plume Brings Storms and Record Heat to Britain

With a max of 34.3c in my garden (33.4c at Pershore) yesterday was my hottest day since July 2006, and the overnight min of 21.2c made it my warmest night on record.  And there was chaos as trains are cancelled because rails are too hot and roads melt as temperatures pass 33C.  No relief down here - and continuing exceptionally dry - but lightning storms hit parts of Scotland after hottest day.  The highest temps were actually in the Channel Islands where Tuesday was the hottest July day since records began in Jersey
It was also a ‘tropical’ day throughout NL whilst more storms to bring abrupt end to France's record heatwave
Dramatic footage as landslide destroys homes in China
And 2016 climate trends continue to break records as NASA announce June was globally the warmest on record.  Again.

18th July - Today's News: Record Rainfall Fails to End Queensland Drought

15th July - Today's News: Europe Sees Summer Snow

13th July - Today's News: One Dead as More Winter Storms Hit SE Australia

11th July - Today's News: Nepartak Kills 9 as Floods Hit China

9th July - Today's News: Arctic Sea Ice Falls to Another Record Low

Arctic sea ice crashes to record low for June
China braces as super typhoon Nepartak kills three in Taiwan
Bolivia's Lake Poopó Is Dry – Another Victim of Climate Change
WA earthquake: Expert predicts more aftershocks
Nasa study reignites claims giant canyon on the red planet may still hold flowing water
And despite reports in local media - copied without thought from the Daily Express - there is no massive Spanish plume on the way, nor 6 week heatwave.    As usual, Rao & Corbyn made it all up.  Next week is looking rather cool, though it should improve a little next weekend.  With near normal temperatures ...

8th July - Today's News: Super Tyhoon Nepartak Hits Taiwan

7th July - Today's News: Taiwan Braces for Super Typhoon Nepartak

6th July - Today's News: First NW Pacific Typhoon of Season Finally Forms

5th July - Today's News: Deadly Floods in China, Pakistan & India