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28th December - Today's News

Will it or won't it? Finally snow in Evesham? This week could be our best chance of the winter. And with so many folk off work it's perhaps the best week of the year for heavy snow without causing too serious disruption to transport, businesses and the economy. Anyway, time will tell .... But the latest BBC forecasts looks rather good for tomorrow!

Meanwhile, just a handful of news updates:

Traditional weather helps British wildlife flourish

First BBC weatherman George Cowling dies

Floods, fires as extreme weather hits NSW, WA

In Scotland, one dead and five injured as more snow and ice hits roads

26th December - Today's News

Just a brief round-up of Christmas weather news - dominated by blizzards in N America, a white Christmas in parts of Britains - and the possibility of more snow to come. For the record, it was a green Christmas here with not even a frost on the ground, but plenty of sunshine. Still on the cold side though with a maxima of 4.7c

Dallas area snow is record for Christmas Eve

Holiday blizzards wreak havoc in central United States

Bookies count the cost of the first white Christmas for 5 years

Dream comes true as Scots get their white Christmas

Fresh blast of arctic weather to cause transport chaos

Japan weather agency ends cherry-blossom forecasts

More people to car pool amidcold weather in NW China

Christmas brings record warmth to Bulgaria

And in Australia, Christmas rains prompt flood warning

24th December - Today's News

23rd December - Today's News

Over the Christmas and New Year period I'll not be able to produce quite such a comprehensive round up of weather and related news, but I will update with the latest on the cold weather in the UK and any other major stories from elsewhere in the world.

Here in Evesham, the snow drought continues ...... but elsewhere, snow turns to ice in new threat to travellers, there's passenger's fury at airports as snow steals Christmas whilst a nicer story as stranded John Lewis shopper thanks staff - and at least one person showed that British common sense prevails. But, proving this is the 21st century and many other people are total arseholes, snow-trapped cars abandoned at pub are wheelclamped (those repsonsible should be stripped naked and tied to a tree overnight in the snow).

Up in Scotland, the cold snap brings north-east to a halt with many routes affected and in Cornwall coach crash kills two as icy roads cause travel chaos across Britain.

On the Continent there's anger a…

22nd December - Today's News

More serious chaos on the roads (and airports) in England yesterday due to snow - and yet again we failed to see a single flake in Evesham. All eyes now on Christmas Eve with the risk of some nasty conditions developing across the Midlands - though snow more likely over the Cotswolds and further north than down here in the Vale. After that, further potential developments next week.

Snow hits Hampshire and Berkshire

Gatwick passengers beseige staff as snow wrecks getaway hopes

Thousands trapped in cars overnight due to snow and ice

From Eurostar: don't blame us, it was the wrong kind of snow

In Northern Ireland: weather playing havoc with Christmas travel

More than 80 dead in European winter weather

And in America, icy East wobbles back to its feet

Meanwhile, different weather problems down under as Cyclone Laurence strengthens over WA

Swiss court acquits geologist in earthquake trial

21st December - Today's News

Happy Solstice!

Still no snow in Evesham, though the surrounding hills are all nicely seasonal and white. And still no clear indications of whether anywhere we see a white Christmas - though latest suggestions are that for most it'll be a cold frosty start and thereafter a dry day, maybe turning milder from the SW later.

But the wintry conditions continue to dominate the weather news in the UK

Britain braced for more snow, but white Christmas 'unlikely'

Manchester airport suspends many flights due to snow

Heavy snow and icy roads bring chaos to Scotland

Snow brings travel and school problems in Wales

Snow snarls air, rail travel across Europe

And you think we have it bad? Try Washington for a whole winter's snow in one day - and as the Americans classify winter as starting on the 21st December (rather than the accepted meteorological definition of 1st December) that means for Philadelphia a winter's worth of snow, before winter. US East coast digs out from record snow

19th December - Today's News

Just a few flakes of snow in the end yesterday - nothing as yet on the ground here, but that looks likely to change overnight! Meanwhile, the temperature dropped to -6.5c in my garden this morning, which is the lowest temperature I've recorded in December since my records began in 2003. It may well be even colder over the coming nights.

Not surprisingly, the main news is again the wintry weather in Britain as snow causes second day of disruption and cold weather traps 2,000 on Channel Tunnel whilst the adverse weather claims a host of sporting fixtures. And it's not just here as severe cold weather hits Europe. Nice to see we're not the only ones to have problems with trains in cold weather!

New evidence confirms land warming record

Fog discovered on Saturn's largest moon, Titan

And in the US, storms flood Fla., bear snow for Mid-Atlantic

18th December - Today's News

Heavy overnight snow in parts of East Anglia and the SE - and as I watch the radar this morning there's a risk of some light stuff reaching here later.

So, kicking off with the latest news on how a few inches of white stuff brought parts of the country to a standstill:

Travellers hit by snow disruption

Snow strands passengers at Gatwick and Luton

Sussex snow: travel disruption

Suffolk in the grip of a Siberian blast

And for those who prefer a more tabloid angle on the weather: Davina stranded in car for eight hours but keeps twittering

And it's not just in Britain: there's early snow as cold snap hits Northwest Europe whilst further east Bulgaria covered by snow, more expected

Other news:

In Turkey, heavy storms, gales lash Antalya

Major winter storm aims for Washington

Lethal landslide in Peruvian Andes city of Ayacuho

And up in Arctic Canada, wacky warm spell comes to Iqaluit

Greenland glaciers: water flowing beneath ice plays more complex role

Climate change does not always lead to …

17th December - Today's News

Winter has arrived in Britain. London saw its first flakes of snow yesterday and from here on in most parts can expect some snow as well as sharp frosts and daytime temperatures at best only a few degrees above freezing. We could well see widespread snow cover in the run up to Christmas for, I think, the first time since 1981 - a winter I well remember. Whether it turns milder just before, over or just after Christmas Day remains to be seen. But it's no surprise the best available odds for a White Christmas anywhere are now 5/2 (compared with 8/1 last week). As the media report: hopes rising for a white Christmas - though I'd not believe anything that that Bren Jones guy says! hehehe!


Cyclone buffets Fiji, 4 killed

Glaciers in southern China receding rapidly whilst black soot choking Tibetan glaciers

Switzerland geologist on trial for causing eathquakes

I've not mentioned much on the Copenhagen Summit as it's mostly politics and all largely irrelevant anyway…

15th December - Today's New

Suggestions we could see temperatures down towards -20c in the Scottish Highlands before the imminent cold spell is over, but that's quite toasty compared with Canada where Northern Albrrrrta sets record -46.1c

Fiji battens down for Cyclone Mick

Sunshine speeded 1940s Swiss glacier melt

Tropical Storm Lawrence set for second Australian landfall

Al Gore condemned over Arctic ice melting prediction

14th December - Today's News

Snow on the way for Britain? I think many of us could well see some before the week is out! It's a good while since I last saw snow in December. Christmas itself remains uncertain - it could well just be mild and wet but at this stage, snow for some is also a real possibility. And that kicks off today's news with freezing weather to bring snow to UK and patients warmed of cold weather.

Geothermal project in California is shut down

90 vehicles trapped as Calif. faces rain, snow, mud

Praries hit by extreme cold snap

Lightning produced radiation a potential health concern for air travellers

Wierdo cloud on horizon for weather girl Behnaz
Nerds poke fun at the Swansea-born beauty on forums populated by weirdos with a thing for cloud formations – and even seem to think they know better than the stylish 29-year-old when it comes to fashion.“They say my clothes are too tight, generally,” said Behnaz, a former model, who lives in Cardiff. “They just really love the weather, and the…

12th December - Today's News

Global average temperature may hit record level in 2010 - of course, if it doesn't some folk will say it proves predictions are wrong and/or global warming isn't happening ...... and if it does they won't believe the data anyway. I don't think it will - but then I thought 2009 would be only very slightly warmer than 2008. If we do have a record warm year - partly due to El Nino but in spite of a negative PDO and low solar activity then I think the AGW argument might well be won. It certainly won't support those claiming a new little ice age is imminent! People like, for example, Peter Taylor.

Fog blankets UK as winter weather finally arrives

Major rescue effort saves 50 snow-trapped hunters

Scots weather records show climate change has been happening for years

11th December - Today's News

2nd air frost of the season, and fog to boot this morning. Starting to look and feel wintry! Still looking much colder for next week and on towards Christmas, but remaining uncertain regarding any possible snowfall and whether the cold will depart before Santa arrives.

Whatever, it probably won't be quite as snowy as it is in parts of the US at the moment where massive storms cause blizzard conditions, 17 deaths and the stubborn storm leaves behind a shivering nation. Meanwhile, deputies search for missing hunters in Arizona whilst in Califiornia, record low temperatures put frost and ice on Bay area planes causing flight delays and in Chicago, as freeze moves in, heat wars break out.

Deforestation linked to drought - and this new research is in addition to the reduction in evapotranspiration, and of course the fact that when you do get rains you're more likely to get flooding and landslides. Meanwhile, breakthrough in monitoring tropical deforestation announced in Copenhag…

10th Decemeber - Today's News

Just a brief entry today.

Firstly, we now have English news accounts of what was almost certainly a rocket launch seen over northern Norway earlier this week: Failure of Russia's latest nuclear missile prompts UFO frenzy - and as predicted, despite the explanation being pointed out almost right from the start, discussions of conspiracy and UFO websites have gone on for pages and pages and pages and pages. Sometime the simple, obvious explanation just isn't good enough and only Scalar weapons, Wormholes and the End of the World will do!

And here in Britain, the media have picked up on the potential from some colder weather to move in over the weekend and especially next week: Icey week ahead slashes the odds on a white Christmas (as predicted here).

And finally, in response to 'climategate' the Met Office have ordinated a Statement from the UK Science Community.

A full round of news reports tomorrow.

9th December - Today's News

Well the long wet autumn is finally drawing to an end in Britain with high pressure finally settling in over us by the weekend and a potentially quite chilly week to follow. Despite excitement on some weather forums, there's as yet no guarantee of any snow but equally it does remain a possiblity. For Christmas itself the prognosis is similarly uncertain with my current guess being that of the cities on which you can place bets, Exeter, Cardiff and Dublin look least likely to see a flake of snow fall. That's not to say other cities will though! We should know better by this time next week - by which time odds will likely have fallen quite a bit as any cold weather inevitably brings a flurry (!) of bets .....

The Met Office are busy at the moment with press releases and two more have been issued since Monday morning. The first, confirming what had already been annouced would happen, global-averaged temperature data released and the second, maybe a little more controversial, …

7th December - Today's News

Yet another wet day here in Evesham (only 4 days since the beginning on November when I've not recorded rainfall) - but growing confidence now that come the end of this week we'll see high pressure start to dominate the weather again, so a quieter, much drier run up to Christmas. How cold remains to be seen. As yet no signs of a white Christmas.

A couple of Met Office press releases to kick things off with today:

Tackling temperature rise

And, as mentioned on Saturday, Release of global-average temperature data

Himalayan glaciers melting deadline 'a mistake'

Snow dusts the south from Lousisana to Georgia

Alberta winter storm causes travel chaos

Biggest snowfall in six years blankets Edmonton

Earth more sensitive to carbon dioxide than previously thought

New study cites lower rate of earthquakes along some subduction zones

Undocumented volcano contributed to extremely cold decade from 1810-1819

Copenhagen climate summit: Ending deforestation key to stopping warming - we've b…

5th December - Today's News

Glacier threat to Bolivia capital

Houston gets earliest snowfall on record - nothing like that on the way for England just yet, but growing signs that conditions will turn colder here after the middle of the month. Meanwhile, in Boston, Mass., fall's first frost to break record - it's been even more frost free there this autumn than it has been in England (my first frost was 1st December - the latest date by over 2 weeks)

Earthquake prediction model developed

Life saver for the Gulf Stream? Climate changes supplies more saline waters from Indian Ocean

Large moon of Uranus may explain odd tilt

Study shows variability in ocean's CO2 uptake

Met Office to publish warming data - CTs should note that further data will only be made public after the Met Office have contacted all the other meteorological agencies from whom they received data, in order to get their permission. If the data is not yours to make public you cannot make it public. No matter how many FOI requests someone…

4th December - Today's News

Heatwave puts Moscow's White Christmas on hold

Task Force for Fermanagh floods

In the USA, rain, winds, record heat hit Northeast on same day

Hawaiian hotspot has deep roots

Rising Antarctic snowmelt forecast

Elevated carbon dioxide levels may mitigate losses of biodiversity from nitrogen pollution

Copenhagen climate talks must fail - says leading catastrophist James Hansen. And I'm inclined to agree with him, but for very different reasons. He thinks any decision made will be ineffectual at reducing carbon emissions; I think we should end our obsession with carbon emissions - which I can't see us cutting in 100 years whatever is agreed - and concentrate on all the other factors contributioing to climate change that maybe we can deal with, more quickly, effeciently and more beneficially to all concerned. Like deforestation and pollution. Along with fast tracking improvement in technology so that we use less energy - and make such improvements readily and cheaply available to…

3rd December - Today's News

Hopefully the last item I'll post up for now on 'climategate' is this editorial from Nature: climatologists under pressure. Though I daresay the torch waving fundamentalists and CTs will continue misinforming one another about it for some time still to come.

Incidently, I completed my data for November this morning - with only 122mm (more than double the average) of rain it wasn't exactly my wettest month ever, though with only 3 wholly dry days it was my rainiest, if you know what I mean. Moreover, with an mean temperature of 8.9c it was by far my warmest November on record - a good 1.5c above the average for my garden. Must be all that global cooling I keep reading about!

An interesting piece by Michael McCarthy in The Independent (aka Global Warming Daily): Time to confront the invisible enemy that threatens us all whilst in The Guardian, Fred Pearce asks: Why do climate deniers hold sway in Australia?

Up on Mars, sandtrapped rover makes a big discovery

Wind drives…

2nd December - Today's News

No surprise to many, but November was the wettest month on record (that's the wettest November on record - the headline is slightly misleading)

Phil Jones, the professor at centre of climate change email row stands down temporarily - and the CTs are gleefully reporting amongst themselves that he's been 'suspended'. When the CTs twist even little things like this in such ways, it's no wonder they have such little credibility. They've even argued that the Copenhagen conference should be cancelled - conveniently forgetting that the theory of AGW is not based on the work of Jones and Mann but on over 150 years worth of scientific study plus the ongoing work of thousands of other scientists around the world today. But then, do any CTs really have the faintest idea what AGW, climate change etc is? Probably not. As I know from other conspiracy theories, the theorists work from a basis of ignorance and reject any suggestion of contrary scientific evidence on the as…

1st December - Today's News

It's winter! For a day, anyway. Dropped to -2.3c in my garden overnight, which is the coldest it's been since 3rd February. The first air frost since 11th March - so as well as being the latest in the season that I've recorded my first air frost, 2009 has also produced the longest frost free period. Though my records do only go back to 2003.

Last Friday the Met Office have issued their winter long range forecast:
For northern Europe, including the UK, there is a 20% chance of a colder winter, a 30% chance of an average winter and a 50% chance of a milder winter

For northern Europe, including the UK, signals for precipitation are weak, with near equal chances for each of the three categories. There is a 30% chance of a drier winter, a 35% chance of an average winter and a 35% chance of a wetter winter.Which seems to me to suggest we could see a good bit of snow this winter - with a 50% chance it will not be milder than average and a 70% chance it will…

30th November - Today's news

Back from Stirling - and some kind soul gave me a cold on the train ..... Ironically the weather has also finally turned cold, albeit just briefly, with most hills seeing at least a dusting of snow over the weekend and tonight for many the first air frost of the season - which, assuming that's the case in Evesham, will be the latest I've recorded my first air frost.

More rain in Britain this weekend - rain continues as winter weather brings more floods and floods spark caravan parks rescue

Melbourne storm creates travel havoc whilst severe thunderstorms hit SE Queensland

In Chile, northern beaches open early because of hot weather

Buffalo, where's the snow? - the US city is experiencing it's 4th longest snowless streak on record.

Outraged Saudis blast govt after deadly Jeddah flood

And it's just as well it's not the 25th December as wind gusts topple trees, delay Santa

Climate 'time bombs' stoke scientists' fears

Winds blow clouds of ash from S Calif mo…

26th November - Today's News

An increasing number of media commentators and bloggers - including George Monbiot - have been jumping on the 'climategate' bandwagon and adding their tuppence worth of uninformed opinion - almost all of it scathing against Professor Jones etal. In every case these commentators have 2 things in common: 1) they appear not to read the actual files, do not know the context in which certain emails were written and are relying entirely on other bloggers for their information and 2) the general public will believe that what they write must be true .....

Next week they'll be telling us all about the alien cheese mines on the Moon and the public will be boycotting cheddar!

If you are going to report on a conspiracy theory, check all the facts first - don't just rely on what the conspiracy theorists tell you! Is that really to hard to understand?

There's a slightly better report from the New York Times: Stolen emails sharpen a brawl between climate scientists and skeptics

25th November - Today's News

Well, another stormy night here last night - winds seemed the strongest yet - with another 8mm of rain bringing the month's total so far up to 100mm - that's about twice the normal amount but rather a lot less than some places have had. No problems with local rivers as yet although on the Severn the flood barriers are going up as the heavy rain over Wales of the past week or so works it's way downstream.

We start today with tragic news from down under as world's oldest sheep dies in Australian heatwave - baaaaaa - whilst records fall in long, hot spring.

Scottish flooding 'to get worse' and experts predict more bad weather for Cumbria whilst in Ireland they're saying extreme weather will be the norm.

In Canada, cold, windy weather extinguishes Olympic torch - a dozen times so far. I think that's meant to be unlucky? Doesn't bode well, especially since El Nino could be too warm for Olympics. Grass ski-ing instead perhaps?

Phil Jones and colleagues ma…

24th November - Today's News

New Zealand glaciers melting away, but don't panic ... there's more ice on the way with over 100 icebergs drifting to N Zealand.

No let up in Malaysia as flood situation worsens in Kelantan, Perak - meanwhile, here, Minister warns of new UK flood threat. More rain to come, especially for those areas hardest hit already. Yesterday, however it was a different problem - tornado leaves trail of destruction as wild weather continues to sweep across Britain.

CO2 curve ticks upwards as key climate talks loom

Supervolcano eruption in Sumatra deforested India 73,000 years ago it also ushered in the coldest spell of the last ice age and nearly managed to wipe humankind out. Some think it would have been better had it succeeded ....

Is global warming unstoppable?
In a provocative new study, a University of Utah scientist argues that rising carbon dioxide emissions -- the major cause of global warming -- cannot be stabilized unless the world's economy collapses or society builds the equ…

23rd November - Today's News

Month's worth of rain falls on Melbourne

Wildfires sweep across eastern Australia

In Britain, further rain and gales batter South-west (Saturday was actually the wettest day in Evesham since July). More rain is not what those in the flood stricken parts of the British Isles want, but sadly there is yet more forecast in the coming days with no let up in the stormy weather as gales queue up to batter Britain. Once again today I've added the latest news stories specific to last weeks floods here. Meanwhile, other parts of the world have also been experiencing flood problems. In Malaysia, the flood situation in Terengganu, Kelantan deteriorates further whilst in Canada Vancouver Island evacuees survey the damage as flood risk eases and flash floods, landslide force 50,000 to flee their homes in Indonesia.

Greenland ice loss behind a sixth of sea level rise whilst in Antarctica, World's largest ice sheet melting faster than expected.

21st November - Today's News

Stories relating to the flooding in Britain and Ireland will again be added here

Elsewhere in the world:

300 homes evacuated, schools closed after heavy rain, high tide flood Duncan, B.C.

Wild storms hit Melbourne after scorcher

Climate change causing 'corrosive' water to affect Arctic marine life

Combined global surface temperature was 6th warmest for October - I thought we were cooling?

And, apart from the floods, the other big breaking news story yesterday was the revelation that the computer server used by the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia had been hacked and a large number of emails and other documents removed. This were then made widely available ...... Certain blogs leapt on these with glee, posting carefully selected comments which could be misinterpreted and taken out of context to imply improbity and collusion amongst some climate scientists to 'fiddle' data in order to show global warming. I've seen nothing that suggests that that …

20th November - Today's News

19th - 20th November - Serious Floods in Britain and Ireland

The flooding in Cumbria has been even worse than I anticipated, with unconfirmed reports of around 340mm of rain falling at one location with a 48 hour period - if correct this will be the highest recorded 48 hour rainfall event in the UK, easily beating the 306mm that fell at Kinlochhourn in the West Highlands on the 5th/6th February 1989. It's also possible the UK's 24 hour rainfall record may have been broken. Confirmed totals won't be known for a while yet though.

Update: Seathwaite is reported as having recorded 314mm rain in a 24 hour period.

I've decided to collate all news stories and related links into this one blog entry to make it easier for future reference. So to start with, this was originally posted yesterday:

19th November 2009

First an update of stories relating to the on-going serious flooding across many parts of Britain:

Yesterday there were schools closed and another nightmare commute in West Yorkshire and in Bury, a woman rescued from car as severe …

Assessment of Weatheraction Forecast

Now, let's just see how accurate Piers Corbyn's forecast for this week really was:
N Sea Storm Surge Stormy with heavy rain - snow & blizzards in Scot & N/E later. N Sea storm & coastal flood warnings East Anglia & Holland 18-19/20th enhanced by new moon 16/17th (Red oval = danger sea level rise) S Ireland & S/W less wet & windy.

Atlantic ridge, powerful deep 'dartboard low' moving E centered N of Scot going into Scand
N Sea Storm Surge - No
Stormy with heavy rain - Yes
Snow & Blizzards in Scot & N/E - No
N Sea storm and coastal warnings in East Anglia & Holland - No
S Ireland & S/W less wet and windy - No
Atlantic Ridge - No
Deep Low moving into Scandinavia - No

He failed on all bar one point. And it's been stormy with heavy rain for the past week and likely to continue so well into next week - something else Pier's failed to forecast. His forecast also showed that for the SW there would "showers turning wintry later with …

18th November - Today's News

And so the wind and rain continues - and looks certain to do so well into next week. A lot of rain likely in parts, mainly the North and West of the UK with river flooding now a high risk as much of the ground is now saturated. All parts getting gales, severe at times. But at least it will be mild ....... !

Heavy rain sparks driver warning

Flood alert as gales batter Wales

Britain braced for 60mph gales while half the month's rain is expected to fall today (being the Daily Mail the headline is a bit misleading - some parts of the UK will see very little rain, but to the north and west rainfall totals could be 50% of the average for the whole month. Many places - including Evesham - have already seen over 100% of their average month's rainfall - hence the flood concern.)

Expect many more news stories of disruption, damage and floods over the coming days. Meanwhile, the Met Office have issued theior report on the Stormy weather 13 and 14 November 2009.


Starvation '…

17th November - Today's News

Managed to catch some of the Leonid meteor shower earlier this morning with one bright fireball seen and a few lesser meteors captured on camera. Fortunately we're having a brief dry, sunny interlude in the run of storms which look like getting quite nasty again by the weekend.

In Calcutta, celsius sets November record

Russia is getting bigger, physically

2 dead as heavy rain, storms, batter B.C.

In Ireland, landslide derails train and closes commuter line

More unintended consequences of human activity on the environment: dissolved arsenic in Bangladesh drinking water is from human alteration of landscape

And just in case anyone felt complacent about climate change: Global Warming will bring killer heat, floods and storms to Britain. Note 'will' ..... That's the media for you - never indicate uncertainty when it comes to doom and destruction!

16th November - Today's News

Kicking off with a round-up of reports from the stormy weather that affected mostly just the very southern parts of the UK over the weekend.

There were 2 reports of tornadoes, both from East Anglia:

Mini tornado hits Lowestoft and 60 houses damaged as tornado hits Benfleet - the latter was actually filmed by a UKweatherworld forum member and can be see on youtube here. There's also excellent discussion, photos and the initial site investigation report from Paul Sherman on Ukweatherworld.

There was a lucky escape from overturned caravan as weather wreaks havoc in North Wales whilst homeowners warned to expect more floods.

The strongest wind gust recorded was 100mph at the very exposed Needles Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight - though that figure inevitably made it into the media headlines such as storm batters southern England, bringing 100mph winds whilst according to The Daily MailBritain prepares for another battering after biggest storm of the year washes out the weekend - anyone…