11th December - Today's News

2nd air frost of the season, and fog to boot this morning. Starting to look and feel wintry! Still looking much colder for next week and on towards Christmas, but remaining uncertain regarding any possible snowfall and whether the cold will depart before Santa arrives.

Whatever, it probably won't be quite as snowy as it is in parts of the US at the moment where massive storms cause blizzard conditions, 17 deaths and the stubborn storm leaves behind a shivering nation. Meanwhile, deputies search for missing hunters in Arizona whilst in Califiornia, record low temperatures put frost and ice on Bay area planes causing flight delays and in Chicago, as freeze moves in, heat wars break out.

Deforestation linked to drought - and this new research is in addition to the reduction in evapotranspiration, and of course the fact that when you do get rains you're more likely to get flooding and landslides. Meanwhile, breakthrough in monitoring tropical deforestation announced in Copenhagen.

12 mile long monster iceberg heading towards Australia - which might come in handy as Queensland heatwave set to continue

Ancient Mediterranean flood mystery solved - and yes, it was 5 million, not 5 thousand, years ago.

No floods, yet ... but sea level is rising along US Atlantic coast.

Saturn's mysterious hexagon emerges from winter darkness

Tornadoes and a typhoon hit three Indonesian towns

Our atmosphere came from space gases - brought in on comets and not from volcanoes.

Met Office warning over Portugal's rising temperatures

And apparently, for Britain, it really WILL be a barbeque summer next year .....


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