19th December - Today's News

Just a few flakes of snow in the end yesterday - nothing as yet on the ground here, but that looks likely to change overnight! Meanwhile, the temperature dropped to -6.5c in my garden this morning, which is the lowest temperature I've recorded in December since my records began in 2003. It may well be even colder over the coming nights.

Not surprisingly, the main news is again the wintry weather in Britain as snow causes second day of disruption and cold weather traps 2,000 on Channel Tunnel whilst the adverse weather claims a host of sporting fixtures. And it's not just here as severe cold weather hits Europe. Nice to see we're not the only ones to have problems with trains in cold weather!

New evidence confirms land warming record

Fog discovered on Saturn's largest moon, Titan

And in the US, storms flood Fla., bear snow for Mid-Atlantic


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