4th December - Today's News

Heatwave puts Moscow's White Christmas on hold

Task Force for Fermanagh floods

In the USA, rain, winds, record heat hit Northeast on same day

Hawaiian hotspot has deep roots

Rising Antarctic snowmelt forecast

Elevated carbon dioxide levels may mitigate losses of biodiversity from nitrogen pollution

Copenhagen climate talks must fail - says leading catastrophist James Hansen. And I'm inclined to agree with him, but for very different reasons. He thinks any decision made will be ineffectual at reducing carbon emissions; I think we should end our obsession with carbon emissions - which I can't see us cutting in 100 years whatever is agreed - and concentrate on all the other factors contributioing to climate change that maybe we can deal with, more quickly, effeciently and more beneficially to all concerned. Like deforestation and pollution. Along with fast tracking improvement in technology so that we use less energy - and make such improvements readily and cheaply available to developing nations. Promising, for example, to cut the UK's carbon emissions by 40% in 10 years will help absolutely no-one and make no more difference to climate change that a gnat's piss makes to sea levels rises. And that's even assuming we were ver able to keep the promise. Which I very seriously doubt.


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