3rd December - Today's News

Hopefully the last item I'll post up for now on 'climategate' is this editorial from Nature: climatologists under pressure. Though I daresay the torch waving fundamentalists and CTs will continue misinforming one another about it for some time still to come.

Incidently, I completed my data for November this morning - with only 122mm (more than double the average) of rain it wasn't exactly my wettest month ever, though with only 3 wholly dry days it was my rainiest, if you know what I mean. Moreover, with an mean temperature of 8.9c it was by far my warmest November on record - a good 1.5c above the average for my garden. Must be all that global cooling I keep reading about!

An interesting piece by Michael McCarthy in The Independent (aka Global Warming Daily): Time to confront the invisible enemy that threatens us all whilst in The Guardian, Fred Pearce asks: Why do climate deniers hold sway in Australia?

Up on Mars, sandtrapped rover makes a big discovery

Wind drives icebergs away from New Zealand

In carbon dioxide rich environment, some ocean dwellers increase shell production - though for some species it has the opposite effect

Antarctica served as climatic refuge in Earth's greatest extinction

Strong regional climate fluctuations in the Tropics

And finally - and this really will be the last link to a story related to Climategate - global warming theory was based on lunar weather cycles. Enjoy!


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