18th December - Today's News

Heavy overnight snow in parts of East Anglia and the SE - and as I watch the radar this morning there's a risk of some light stuff reaching here later.

So, kicking off with the latest news on how a few inches of white stuff brought parts of the country to a standstill:

Travellers hit by snow disruption

Snow strands passengers at Gatwick and Luton

Sussex snow: travel disruption

Suffolk in the grip of a Siberian blast

And for those who prefer a more tabloid angle on the weather: Davina stranded in car for eight hours but keeps twittering

And it's not just in Britain: there's early snow as cold snap hits Northwest Europe whilst further east Bulgaria covered by snow, more expected

Other news:

In Turkey, heavy storms, gales lash Antalya

Major winter storm aims for Washington

Lethal landslide in Peruvian Andes city of Ayacuho

And up in Arctic Canada, wacky warm spell comes to Iqaluit

Greenland glaciers: water flowing beneath ice plays more complex role

Climate change does not always lead to conflict

An interesting new study on human impacts on rainfall: irrigation decreases, urbanisation increases, monsoon rains

Colliding auroras produce an explosion of light

And for us 'nocty' fans: secrets of mysterious "night-shining clouds" unlocked by NASA's AIM satellite and models.


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