17th December - Today's News

Winter has arrived in Britain. London saw its first flakes of snow yesterday and from here on in most parts can expect some snow as well as sharp frosts and daytime temperatures at best only a few degrees above freezing. We could well see widespread snow cover in the run up to Christmas for, I think, the first time since 1981 - a winter I well remember. Whether it turns milder just before, over or just after Christmas Day remains to be seen. But it's no surprise the best available odds for a White Christmas anywhere are now 5/2 (compared with 8/1 last week). As the media report: hopes rising for a white Christmas - though I'd not believe anything that that Bren Jones guy says! hehehe!


Cyclone buffets Fiji, 4 killed

Glaciers in southern China receding rapidly whilst black soot choking Tibetan glaciers

Switzerland geologist on trial for causing eathquakes

I've not mentioned much on the Copenhagen Summit as it's mostly politics and all largely irrelevant anyway unless any meaningful deal is reached. However, this is the sort of think I've been hoping will come out of all the banquets, drinking, shopping ans whoring - though whether it'll be enough remains to be seen: climate talks near deal to save forests

Pollution alters isolated thunderstorms

In the US, schools, roads closed after heavy rain drenches South

Cyclone weakens after making landfall in Northwestern Australia


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