9th December - Today's News

Well the long wet autumn is finally drawing to an end in Britain with high pressure finally settling in over us by the weekend and a potentially quite chilly week to follow. Despite excitement on some weather forums, there's as yet no guarantee of any snow but equally it does remain a possiblity. For Christmas itself the prognosis is similarly uncertain with my current guess being that of the cities on which you can place bets, Exeter, Cardiff and Dublin look least likely to see a flake of snow fall. That's not to say other cities will though! We should know better by this time next week - by which time odds will likely have fallen quite a bit as any cold weather inevitably brings a flurry (!) of bets .....

The Met Office are busy at the moment with press releases and two more have been issued since Monday morning. The first, confirming what had already been annouced would happen, global-averaged temperature data released and the second, maybe a little more controversial, bringing the news that we've just experienced the warmest decade on record.

This latter is no doubt epecially confusing for many Americans, being announced just as 'extremely dangerous' blizzards move into Midwest How on Earth can the world be warming if it snows in America in winter????!!! LOL! Mind they could have done with that in Alaska where early-season sled-dog race cancelled over lack of snow.

A slightly bizarre development in the on-going "are himalyan glaciers retreateing because of AGW" debate as Pakistan claims that Indian's presence at Siachen causes rapid glacier melting. Though the assertion that
....dumping chemicals, metals, organic and human waste, daily leakages of about 2,000 gallons of kerosene oil from 250-kilometre-long plastic pipeline was accelerating the melting process.
May indeed be true.

Flooded Workington reunited by new army-built bridge - and I'm very delighted to see it's been officially named the Barker Crossing.

It's not just the Met Office who have entered a new era of 'glasnost': the British Geological Survey have annouced that British geology maps now free to explore on website - and next year the Ordnance Survey will be doing likewise with their cartological maps.

Europe plans offshore wind supergrid

The end of deforestation in the Brazillian rain forest? I'll beleive it when I see it! But it might mean no more increase in stories such as six dead in Brazil rains

Sea level could rise from 0.75m to 1.9m this century - please note: could, not will!

More on the KT Extinction event: dinosaur-killing impact set Earth to broil, not burn - or maybe not ......

No English language news on this at present, but a mysterious phenomena has been seen over Norway. Possibly caused by a Russian rocket? Some discussion about it on Ukweatherworld - no doubt various conspiracy websites will make rather more it it!

And finally, for Scottish readers: no more 'Heather the Weather' as weather presenter's reign comes to an end.


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