23rd December - Today's News

Over the Christmas and New Year period I'll not be able to produce quite such a comprehensive round up of weather and related news, but I will update with the latest on the cold weather in the UK and any other major stories from elsewhere in the world.

Here in Evesham, the snow drought continues ...... but elsewhere, snow turns to ice in new threat to travellers, there's passenger's fury at airports as snow steals Christmas whilst a nicer story as stranded John Lewis shopper thanks staff - and at least one person showed that British common sense prevails. But, proving this is the 21st century and many other people are total arseholes, snow-trapped cars abandoned at pub are wheelclamped (those repsonsible should be stripped naked and tied to a tree overnight in the snow).

Up in Scotland, the cold snap brings north-east to a halt with many routes affected and in Cornwall coach crash kills two as icy roads cause travel chaos across Britain.

On the Continent there's anger across Europe as weather and strikes bring travel chaos as European weather deaths pass 100 (and it may well be much higher, since according to another report, winter freeze kills 79 in Poland alone),

And just to really cheer up those who don't like the current weather, the Daily Express - as ever - outdoes everyone claiming big freeze could grip Britain until March. To be fair, it does look like remaining cold for most through until 2010.

Over in the US, their big winter storm plods through West, Midwest and in Hawaii, wild weather hits Isles. Also, 4 dead in dust-storm pileups on I-10 in Arizona.

WA cleans up after cyclone wreaks havoc

Malawi declares quake disaster


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