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30th April - Today's News: Record Rotorua Rainfall Brings Floods

28th April - Today's News: 10 Teenagers Dead in Israeli Flash Flood

Death toll in Dead Sea flash floods rises to 10 as last missing teen found - with issues as to whether they should have been hiking in the areas given the weather conditions at the time.  At least two other teenagers have died in floods in the region this week.
Floods, landslides, tornado batter Java this week
Roads flooded as wind and rain hit Auckland And a suggestion that fracking may have caused South Korean earthquake

26th April - Today's News: Floods as Welcome Rain Falls on Cape Town

25th April - Today's News: Cool Canada Keeps Tornado Alley Quiet

24th April - Today's News: Croatia Joins List of Record April Temperatures

First thunderstorm of the year on Saturday evening, and I finally managed to capture my first ever photo of lightning.   So it was 4 hot days and a thunderstorm - not bad!   Back to normal April weathe now, but not for all of Europe as April heatwave brings record temperatures to parts of Croatia yesterday.  And last week parts of Switzerland see record temperatures as well as other countries previously reported in this blog
Mysterious Arctic ice holes baffle scientists  and could sprinkling sand save the Arctic's shrinking sea ice?
There's rotten egg gas around planet Uranus (or as another headline read: Uranus smells of rotten eggs)
Models show how climate change intensifies droughts in Europe
And I bet it won;t be like this when I finally return for a proper holiday later next month! 'Cloudless' view of the Highlands captured from space.  But one can dream ...

21st April - Today's News: More European Heat Records Broken

20th April - Today's News: Record High April Temperatures in UK and Europe

As expected, yesterday smashed the date record and was the second highest temperature ever recorded in April as UK temperatures top 29C in hottest April day since 1949
It was a date record elsewhere too as Czech records highest temperature in 30 years and the hottest April 19th in Netherlands history as Europe sees hottest day of the year so far
And on a very different note, the army are called in to help as a giant plastic 'berg blocks Indonesian river

19th April - Today's News: "Remarkable" Winds Hit Colorado

17th April - Today's News: Ontario's Ice Storm

16th April - Today's News: Spring Storms Brings Record Snow to US Midwest

14th April - Today's News: London Goes a Week Without the Sun

13th April - Today's News: Storm Damages Taj Mahal

11th April - Today's News: Severe Storm Strikes Auckland

9th April - Today's News: Record April Heat in Australia

Sydney and Adelaide experience hottest April day on record with both cities recording over 35c
Winter weather tightens grip on parts of North America with some low overnight minima in parts of Canada
Yosemite Valley reopens after storm brought flooding to parts of Northern California
Cyclone Keni brings more fear to sodden Fiji households
The storm that wouldn't die!  Tropical Cyclone Iris could redevelop again, BoM warns
There's been a big increase in Antarctic snowfall compared with 200 years ago, especially in the West Antarctic peninsular.   This is what you'd expect with a warming atmosphere.   Despite this, the actual mass of ice on the continent is declining due to increased glacial melt.

7th April - Today's News: Flood Fears Close Yosemite

6th April - Today's News: Bad Weather Exerts Toll on British Lambs

Recent heavy snow takes toll on Scotland's lambs whilst English lambs dying as North Yorkshire farm hit by wet weather
Crews use water bombs for major wildfire on Isle of Rum - but how did the fire start?  TYhere's no muir burn on Rum .....  But at this time of year, just a plastic bottle with a little water inside, acting like a mirror, is all it takes (obviously I don't know that that was the cause).
Some good news as the amount of plastic bag litter falls in UK seas
A 50-car pile-up, crane topples amid southern Ontario storm
As if their summer hasn't been hot enough, a late-season heat blast set to smash records across south-east Australia. 

(btw, my unique SLATless Antipodean Forecasting Method predicts that it'll be a long hot summer for Britain this year .....  so probably gonna be wet!)
Giant solar tornadoes put researchers in a spin - because it now turns out that they don't actually rotate ....
And a geologist identifies hidden clues to ancient superco…

4th April - Today's News: March Ends With Record Heat in Asia

3rd April - Today's News: At Least 4 Dead as Cyclone Josie Batters Fiji