11th April - Today's News: Severe Storm Strikes Auckland

Melting of Arctic mountain glaciers unprecedented in the past 400 years - though to be fair, before that was the Little Ice Age.  

Will others follow suit?  Iceland supermarkets to ban palm oil in own-brand products.   Deforestation for palm oil and soya production is a major cause of climate change, environmental vandalism on an unprecedented scale, and a leading cause of deadly floods and landslides.  And Waitrose to stop using disposable coffee cups.  Come on evryone else, you know it makes sense.  Every little helps!

But less good news as plastic pollution likely killed whale found with nearly 30kg of rubbish in its stomach

And, of course, there is no NASA 'Cloud Machine' - here's the real explanation of that viral video that some chemtrail nutters keep misinterpreting


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