6th April - Today's News: Bad Weather Exerts Toll on British Lambs

Crews use water bombs for major wildfire on Isle of Rum - but how did the fire start?  TYhere's no muir burn on Rum .....  But at this time of year, just a plastic bottle with a little water inside, acting like a mirror, is all it takes (obviously I don't know that that was the cause).

Some good news as the amount of plastic bag litter falls in UK seas

As if their summer hasn't been hot enough, a late-season heat blast set to smash records across south-east Australia. 

(btw, my unique SLATless Antipodean Forecasting Method predicts that it'll be a long hot summer for Britain this year .....  so probably gonna be wet!)

Giant solar tornadoes put researchers in a spin - because it now turns out that they don't actually rotate ....


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