16th April - Today's News: Spring Storms Brings Record Snow to US Midwest


There were record breaking April temperature in Dubrovnik – 30 degrees today!  That's the highest temperature the city has ever recorded in April.  And in Ukraine, more new temperature records set in Kyiv (Kiev).  Looks like turning rather hot here too this week.

And, although I read it last week, for some reason I forgot to post this: Climate change dials down Atlantic Ocean heating system - it's a reason why global warming may mean some places actually get colder.  Much to the consternation and confusion of the denialists!   However it won't trigger a new ice age.  It's arctic Canada and Greenland that needs to get colder (and snowier) for that to happen.  Not Europe.   Nonetheless, it may be a factor in the shift from interglacial to glacial - and in particular, a cause of the Younger Dryas cold spell that occurred just as the world was warming after the last glacial....


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