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28th June - Today's News: World Temperature Record to Fall?

In the SW USA,  heat wave may threaten world's hottest temperature whilst further north, Anchorage breaks record for most 70-plus days in June

And research suggests humans play role in Australia's 'angry' hot summer
Here in Britan, winged insects 'blasted'  by unsettled spring weather - but signs are, a good spell of summery weather in on the way in July.   Though lack of rain could then become the next issue (as it is, it looks like June will end up here at about 60% of average - the driest June since my records began in 2007)
Finland hit by 28,000 lightning strikes
Central China downpour forces 5,000 to evacuate

India floods: thousands still stranded in Uttarakhand

Flooding closes part of Iguazu National Park in Argentina
Britain's shale gas deposits 'could supply country for 25 years' - further delaying the move to much greater energy efficiency?
Russian meteor shockwave circled globe twice

Voyager surfs Solar System's edge - but we have no idea e…

26th June - Today's News: Weather Causes Cape Cod Tsunami

A story which has only just hit National (and International) news, but was reported locally at the time: weather creates rare Cape Cod tsunami
Are weather patterns leading to more ferry disruptions in Scotland?   Or are they leading to different ferry disruptions - with less severe southwesterly storms impacting some routes less, whilst more north or easterly winds affect those routes not so affected normally?
Arizona in grips of dangerous heat wave as mercury rising across the West
Western Australians experience 'tornado' terror in Port Headland storm and after the same record breaking storm, photos of kids, adults rescued in Roebourne floods after 220mm deluge
Rain, hail and strong winds wreak havoc in Singapore but at least sea smog eases as rain douses fires in Sumatra.
And research commissioned ny SNH suggests that old wind farm bases 'could be left in countryside' - although that does not, of course, mean that they will.

25th June - Today's News: The Very Deadly Environmental Impacts of Deforestation

India floods: mass cremation begin for Kedarnath victims, but questions now being asked: were India's floods caused by reckless human greed?   Not the rains that caused the floods, but rampant development and deforestation of the valley, leading to more instense flash floods, erosion and landslides
And deforestation crops up again in a report on Asian mega-smog's smokey source in Sumatra: a massive environmental disaster that shows no sign of stopping.   And which will for decades cause the deaths of thousands through drought, flash-flood and landslide.   Not to say being a major cause of carbon emission derived global warming.   Time to ban palm oil?  It'd be a far more effective way of reducing AGW than if Britain obtained 100% of it's energy - including fuel for cars etc - from non-carbon derived sources.
Oops, the Scotsman haven't learned, claiming a mini-tornado spotted in Scotland.   Maybe it came from a mini cloud after some mini rain and a bit of mini…

24th June - Today's News: Indian Floods: Over 1,000 Now Feared Dead

22nd June - Today's News: Three Dead in Canada Floods

21st June - Today's News: 'Insane' Flooding in Alberta

20th June - Today's News: Big Winter Storm Pounds New Zealand

Just over 25c in my garden yesterday, so the warmest day of the year so far.  And some nice, gentle, summer rain early this morning to save having to water the plants - perfect!  And a little mickey taking from the Aussies as Brits go balmy over 26c 'heatwave'

Bit colder in NZ though (it is, of course, winter down there) where gales howl though Wellington as winter storm moves north with storm 'crunch time' yet to come

And it's also freezing Argentina: temperatures below zero as polar wave continues
The MetO have responded to some of the totally misleading headlines in yesterday's 'news'papers - such as The Sun - and also have a guest blog on how the Atlantic may influence wet summers
Second victim swept away in French Floods
Hot weather across Europe as heatwave fries Poland, and also heatwave scorches Balkan countries whilst in Germany, one killed as roads burst in heatwave

Thousands took shelter in bathrooms and stairwells when tornado touched down at De…

19th June - Today's News: Finally, it's Hot & Sunny in England (for a day)

Looks like being the warmest day of the year here today (so far!) - already up to 18.1c under cloudy skies when I left home but now the cloud's cleared and it's feeling decidedly hot out.  Thunderstorms and sweltering humidity as temperatures are set to top 27C on the hottest day of the year  I reckon at least 26c on the cards in my garden.  But no thunderstorms here, though a small chance of a distant rumble tomorrow.   And looking decidedly cool and unsettled again by the weekend.....
As expected, more storms in France yesterday (and again today) as woman drowned in raging floods near Lourdes

After yesterday's workshop in Exeter, scientists say UK wet summers down to Atlantic warming.  The actual MetO report is here.
But are Britons right to moan about the weather?  Well yes, it's a national pastime!  But seriously, I think we get the best weather in the world: a bit like a Springsteen concert - you never know what you're going to get, but you do know it won…

18th June - Today's News: Record Alaskan Heatwave

It's "baked Alaska": 90-95° temps shatter all-time records
India floods: death toll rises after heavy rain
After Vouvray crops dameged by hail storm yesterday, French residents warned of weather danger with more violent thunderstorms expected today
Floodwaters recede in Germany as rescuers plug leaks
Met Office experts meet to analyse 'unusual' weather patterns  whilst over at The Carbon Brief, Roz Pidcock explains David Rose's latest mash up of Met Office weather and climate research.   Finding out why it's been colder or wetter than usual - what factors might have insfluenced the change in our normal weather patterns - will help us with longer term forecasts in the future.   That's the point of the workshop.  Nothing more.
In NZ, flood-hit South Islanders warned of snow storm
Siberian summer: from 30 degress Celsius & sun to to snow in one day
Jet Stream changes cause climatically exceptional Greenland ice sheet melt - but what causes the Jet Strea…

17th June - Today's News: Deadly Rains in North India

14th June - Today's News: 2 Dead in Colorado Wildfire

12th June - Today's News: Weather Reduces British Wheat Crop by Third

11th June - Today's News: Tornado Hits Baltimore

10th June - Today's News: Evacuations Continue Amid European Floods

Heavy rain and flooding in Europe continues as Germany steps up flooding evacuations.  On Sunday,  flash floods hit Warsaw whilst in Switzerland, torrential rain floods centre of Vaud town.   But at least Budapest flood averted after Danube falls.   Meanwhile as Czechs tackle flood aftermath, rains to exceed average next month as well, so there may be more problems to come.   Here in Evesham we've only had 0.5mm of measureable rainfall all month .....
Remnants of tropical storm Andrea delivers spring soaking to Maritimes
Two dead - including baby left in hot car - as heatwave grips southwest USA
31 people killed as monsoon rain lashes Sri Lanka
5.7 earthquake rattles remote Australia
Severn Barrage: environment and economy benefits 'unproven' says the Government, who presumably prefer covering thousands of square miles of hills with 3,000 heavily subsidised wind turbines (and associated roads and pylon) instead ......
Old Opportunity Mars rover makes rock discovery - clay, conf…

7th June - Today's News: Record Danube Floods Expected

4th June - Today's News: Floods Across Eastern Europe

3rd June - Today's News: Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young Killed by Oklahoma Tornado

A sad day for the stormchasing community as it was revealed yesterday that Tim Samaras, his son Paul and their colleague Carl Young were killed after their car was hit by one of the Oklahoma tornadoes on Friday.   Tim was not just a well respected (and cautious) chaser but a scientists whose work has undoubtedly helped saved many hundreds of lives over the years.

Three storm chasers - including father and son - killed 'doing what they loved' in Oklahoma tornado as death toll rises to 12
Remembering Tim Samaras: veteran storm chaser killed in Okla. tornado
And from National Geographic, our haunting last interviews with storm chaser Samaras

Fly now, free

Central Europe on alert for flooding with state of emergency declared in Prague and two missing in Austria as heavy rains force evacuations.

Meanwhile, snow in June: Russia's Siberian town in absolute anomaly
So if it's good weather you want, don't bother with Europe.  In fact, stay here!  Because although Spring ende…

1st June - Today's News: More Deadly Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma

New Oklahoma tornadoes 'kill five' with hundreds injured - many caught in vehicles overturned on the highway.

Meanwhile, Arkansas weather woes kill 3, including county sheriff
It's been another cold month in Britain - and in Evesham the first this year to see above average rainfall.  But it's not just us suffering as Italy shivers through 'cursed spring' of relentless rain and France's spring coldest since 1987
In Melbourne, record rainfall lashes city
Elevated carbon dioxide making arid regions greener - so it's not all bad. 
Glacier impact on sea-level rise depends on its shape
Centuries old frozen plants revived after 400 years beneath a glacier
And the world fails to end again as asteroid 1988 QE2 flies past Earth