25th June - Today's News: The Very Deadly Environmental Impacts of Deforestation

India floods: mass cremation begin for Kedarnath victims, but questions now being asked: were India's floods caused by reckless human greed?   Not the rains that caused the floods, but rampant development and deforestation of the valley, leading to more instense flash floods, erosion and landslides

And deforestation crops up again in a report on Asian mega-smog's smokey source in Sumatra: a massive environmental disaster that shows no sign of stopping.   And which will for decades cause the deaths of thousands through drought, flash-flood and landslide.   Not to say being a major cause of carbon emission derived global warming.   Time to ban palm oil?  It'd be a far more effective way of reducing AGW than if Britain obtained 100% of it's energy - including fuel for cars etc - from non-carbon derived sources.

Oops, the Scotsman haven't learned, claiming a mini-tornado spotted in Scotland.   Maybe it came from a mini cloud after some mini rain and a bit of mini sunshine?

And just for a laugh, buffoon Boris Johnson says the weather prophets should be chucked in the deep end - apparently all his rich banker mates built swimming pools in their gardens, but only because the Met Office told them a few years ago that by 2050 we'd have a Mediterranean climate.....  And last year's cool, wet summer proves that that's not the case.   So it was all a waste of money.  Yep, as logical as using a chocolate spoon to stir a pot of soup .....   


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