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30th May - Today's News: More Floods Hit Texas

Scores of people trapped, rescued from flash flooding in north Texas while volunteers search for missing after central Texas flood earlier in the week
Possible freak tornadoes strike across Britain with another possible alleged mini tornado hits Bedworth in Warwickshire - in each case a tornado cannot be ruled out (at least one funnel cloud was photogrpahed in England yesterday) though there is currently no direct evidence that it was anything but straight line wind damage on a gust front.

Tourists struck by lightning in Crete
Andres strengthens into a hurricane south of Mexico - the first of the Eastern Pacific season

And Boston still has snow piles - and they're filled with trash

29th May - Today's News: Roads Melt in Deadly Indian Heat Wave

27th May - Today's News: Deadly Tornadoes, Floods Hit Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma

21st May - Today's News: World's Warmest 12 Months, Again ...

19th May - Today's News: 58 Killed in Colombian Mudslide

18th May - Today's News: Storm Brings Tornadoes to Plains

16th May - Today's News: Washington State Declares Drought Emergency

15th May - Today's News: Spanish Heatwave: Record European Temperatures for May

13th May - Today's News: No, El Nino Does NOT Mean Cold Winter on the Way

In NZ, Queenstown and Wanaka face flood threat as heavy rain, snow continues
Kenya floods: deadly mosque wall collapse in Nairobi
Nepal earthquake: rescue resumes after deadly tremor - the death toll from yesterday's quake is under a hundred, including 17 in India, as unsettled Earth continues to rattle Nepal and monsoon rains pose risk of more landlsides after powerful second quake
Taiwan lifts water rationing as rains from Typhoon Noul ease drought

Heat wave warning for Spain whilst Portugal temperature record set to be broken with today likely the hottest May day ever in Iberia
Astronaut captures massive lightning storm from ISS
And whilst they weren't the only ones peddling this nonsense, the Express of course had the worst of the headlines, asserting incorrectly that rare weather phenomenon 'El Nino' to spark worst winter in Britain for years.  There is no firm correlation between ENSO and the climate in Britain, though it may be one of a great many factors that influ…

12th May - Today's News: Second Major Earthquake Strikes Nepal

11th May - Today's News: Tornadoes, Floods Hit Texas

9th May - Today's News: US Snowpack Levels Very Low

8th May - Today's News: Global CO2 Levels at 400ppm

7th May - Today's News: Safari Park Hit by Oklahoma Tornado

6th May - Today's News: Violent Storms Hit Northern Europe

2nd May - Today's News: Torrential Rain in Eastern Australia: 6 Dead, Thousands Cut Off

1st May - Today's News: 3 Dead in Havana Storm

Storm leaves 3 dead in Havana
Queensland commuters rescued from floodwaters as NSW put on alert.  Meanwhile, there have been record April low temperatures in parts of Northern Territory - although cold for them is a relative term!
Eastern Finland sees pre-May Day whiteout
Heatwave continues in Rajasthan; Jaipur observes hottest day of the year so far
Nepal quake: Towns near epicentre 'devastated' - Red Cross
Japanese island residents get seaside surprise as 1,000ft rises above the surface overnight - I recall something similar occurring in Alaska a few years back, though unfortunately can't trace a link to the story.  It's all down to landslides.
Heatwaves 'more likely' in England - good news for some, I suppose, though it was the mild winter that helped make last year a record warm one, moreso than the July heat wave.
Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster
Climate change risk to 'one in six species' according to a latest st…