13th May - Today's News: No, El Nino Does NOT Mean Cold Winter on the Way

And whilst they weren't the only ones peddling this nonsense, the Express of course had the worst of the headlines, asserting incorrectly that rare weather phenomenon 'El Nino' to spark worst winter in Britain for years.  There is no firm correlation between ENSO and the climate in Britain, though it may be one of a great many factors that influence it.  All we know is that cold winters can occur when there is an El Nino (2009-10) or La Nina (2010-11) or, indeed, when ENSO is neutral.   And it's not at all rare ....    But don't worry, we'll all be dead long before than as Nathan Rao (no doubt piqued that he didn't get to write the weather story) warns us that an asteroid a mile wide to hurtle past Earth in 48 hours as experts warn of mass extinction.   It has, of course, no chance of hitting the Earth and we see many pass by much closer every year.   And there are millions more that would equally cause a mass extinction is they hit us.


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