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30th April - Today's News: Storm Damage and Floods across England and Wales

It was a bit wet yesterday (and windy).  We had 18.1mm in my garden, bringing the rainfall for the month to nearly 80mm - not as much as August 2010 which was the last time we saw in excess of 100mm but enough to bring the river up to flood level.  Rainfall for the year is however only 150mm so still below average.

Not surprisingly, plenty of problems with flooding and storm damage:
Flood warnings as wind and rain hit England and Wales

Tewkesbury on alert for new deluge as 32 flood warnings are issued for England and Wales after 71mph gales
Bridge plunge couple rescued from Dorset stream

And today, in Wales problems continue as power restored to homes whilst every river in Somerset is on flood alertand Badminton horse trials cancelled by waterlogged ground
But it was a fine day in Scotland yesterday with clear, sunny skies as late snowfall brings influx of skiers and snowboarders to the Highlands

Wet weather brings surge in giant dandelions

But it's not just Britain that's wet, …

27th April - Today's News: Tornados and Flood Warnings as Rain Continues in Drought-hit England

A surprisingly wet night and morning in Evesham, with rainfall totals now in excess of the monthly average - and a wet Sunday still to come with more rain and 60mph warning as poor weather continues for UK with some drought-hit areas of England told to prepare for flooding.  Looks likely to end up the wettest month here since August 2010: good news for local growers, although April deluge 'won't halt drought' - we still need a lot more across the country to replenish the deficit of the past 18 months.

But down under, after a couple of wet summers, it's official: Australia no longer in drought - for the first time in a decade.
We didn't get anything interesting here on Wednesday but elsewhere tornado rips roof off house in Rugby whilst another tornado rips through Essex farm
Colombian army has growing role in flood defence
Thanks to pollution, a 'warming hole' delayed climate change over eastern United States
World's glaciers 'out of balance' - but …

25th April - Today's News: Flood Warnings as More Heavy Rain Hits Britain

Severe weather warnings as Atlantic storms batter Britain with wind and rain this morning and a good chance of some heavy thunderstorms this afternoon and perhaps again tomorrow - now looking likely that whilst we won't get a month's rain this week we will at least finally see the monthly rainfall total for Evesham exceed the average, for the first time since October 2010.   The reason for this is the jet stream running Atlantic depressions across the south of England - instead of to the NW of Scotland - something which incidently happened in summer 2007 ....   However, the Avon is very far from flooding, currently nearly 5m below it's height in July 2007 and only 13cm above it's 'normal' minimum level.   Though elsewhere,  Dorset's Charr and Wriggle rivers at risk of bursting banks whilst in Derbyshire some drought zone rivers flooded.   In the Channel, bad weather causes ferry and hovercraft services to be cancelled.  In Ireland too there are warnings of …

24th April - Today's News: Spring Snowstorm Hits American NE

In the US, snow, rain slams East Coast with 'unusual' storm whilst snow and rain hit parts of Central, Atlantic Canada as well.

Our 2nd thunderstorm of the year in Evesham on Sunday brought rainfall totals for the month above average at last, though that doesn't mean they'll stay so until next week.  I doubt there'll be a month's worth of rain to fall in 72 hours in these parts, especially since yesterday produced just 0.5mm.  But we might get another week's worth by month end .... 

7 members of a Kenya church group killed by flash floods in park

Daytme meteor streaks across North America

Public back windfarm subsidies, survey suggests

Mexican volcano keeps locals awake

And Gaia theory scientist James Lovelock admits he was 'alarmist' about the impact of climate change - much to the delight of the anti-science mob who now even criticise him for admitting he was wrong!  Obviously 99% of climate scientists and all those who do not subscribe to (or h…

21st April - Today's News: Rains Fail To Ease English Drought

After our first thunderstorm of 2012 yesterday, rainfall in Evesham this month is now 31mm, exactly the average for the first 20 days of April; overall we're running at about 60% of average for the year (which is the same deficit we saw last year).  Many other parts have had more rain though and the Avon has in the past 2 days risen above it's long term seasonal low of ~0.46m to 0.77m thanks mainly to rain elsewhere in the Midlands running off into its tributaries.  The level will likely drop back again before long.    Groundwater levels remain very low in many parts as rain fails to alleviate drought - though more heavy showers expected this weekend and next week also looks wet.   We may actually end up with above avrage rainfall in Evesham this month, for the first time since Oct 2010. 
Fishing boat struck by lightning off Ramsgate
Piers Corbyn is the weatherman caught in a media storm after his prediction this week that May will be the coldest in 100 years (though not nece…

20th April - Today's News: No, It Won't Be The Coldest May In 100 Years!

One of the daftest headlines of the year, courtesy of our old friend Piers Corbyn (who else?): it's going to be the "coldest May in 100 years" forecasters predict (I never realised there was more than one Piers!!).   Well, it's possible.  Just as it's possible Elvis really does live on the Moon.   I have a feeling the second half of May will see a change in weather patterns bringing some warm weather in and overall the month will end a little above average both regards temperature and rainfall.  We'll see who's right!
It's slightly more possible that April could break rainfall records, though extremely unlikely - not least here in Evesham where so far we've had only 91% of average to date. As usual, thunderstorms have by-passed the Vale (we've had just one rumble of thunder all year, so far) but other parts have seen quite a few, including London where yesterday lightning strike disrupts trains in and out of London.  In East Yorkshire, Pockli…

18th April - Today's News: Flash Floods Hit NSW

More flash flooding in Australia where Mum, three kids amongt NSW flood rescues and there's more rain on the way as Sydney covered by a blanket of grey
Here in Britain, late snowfall boosts ski centres which had been closed through March - cool, unsettled conditions look like persisting for another couple of weeks at least so more snow in the 'Gorms and Lochaber is more than likely, though this is far from unusual in April and despite perceptions the month isn't proving especially cold compared with average.

Blustery conditions today as gales bring down trees and power lines in Cornwall
Floods swamp south Texas
Kansas officials call storm chasers 'outrageously stupid' - the problem partly being the popularity of TV programmes about stormchasing which have encouraged many more 'amateurs' to get involved just for the thrill, without any respect for others and offering none of the very important observational and meteorological information to authorirties that &…

17th April - Today's News: Complacency After Successful US Tornado Warnings?

Death toll from Oklahoma tornado rises to six whilst forecasters say 'high risk' warning worked but fear complacency in areas tornadoes didn't it - which is of course what I warned might happen, when these new 'graphic' style of warnings were announced earlier this month.
In Pennsylvannia, freakish weather stumps meteorologists
Rain lashes Sydney - and it's going to get worse - 17mm of rain in 10 minutes is as much as I've had so far this month in total.
In Sweden at the weekend, spring snowfalls cause transport turmoil (I thought it was only in Britain that happened?)
Fierce winds feed flames in Zabaikalsky fires on the Russian steppes
Despite (allegedly) causing a number of earthquakes near Blackpool last year, and the risk of ground water contamination, fracking 'should continue with checks'  and to help you make up your own mind on the issue,  the Daily Telegraph give us fracking: the state of the evidence
Deliberate grass fires 'socially acce…

16th April - Today's News: English Drought to Last All Year?

It's being warned that our drought may last until Christmas with even in Wales water warning by Environment Agency with low river levels after little rain - there'll be some this week but it will do little to ease the long term deficit

And the British wildfire season continues with Ardnamurchan moorland destroyed by wildfire with another currently being fought in Galloway and more gorse fires on hillside near Derry

Weekend tornadoes leave a 'royal mess' in Midwest; 5 dead

Lightning bolt kills man on building site near Crewe, last week

Rwanda: flood death toll rises

Some Asian glaciers 'putting on mass' though many others are in retreat - most likely down to changes in precipitation patterns.

14th April 2012 - Today's News: It Is Solved By Walking

US Midwest put on tornado watch with severe storms expected today

Strong storm brings rain, snow to California

But drought expands throughout the USA

Freak snow showers hit North Wales - though I question whether 5 inches of snow really fell in the space of five minutes!

British teenager struck by lightning twice in an afternoon says he survived because his novelty hat took the damage - worth noting that apart from one rumble of thunder on Wednesday there's not been any electrict activity over Evesham at all this week (or, indeed this year) and its many years since I last saw any decent lightning. In contrast, on Thursday San Francisco had a night to remember: thunderstorm shatters records and one lucky photographer got a superb shot of the Bay Bridge being struck.

China issues emergency response to hailstorm that has destroyed over 4,000 homes whilst in India, a hailstorm claims 14 lives.

Agencies warn poor rains threaten Somalia's recovery after last year's famine.

No titterin…

13th April - Today's News: Hailstorm Produces 4 Foot Drifts Near Amarillo

Weather Service surveys damage after raging downpour leaves Texas town covered in giant piles of hail stones up to 4 foot deep, near Amarillo - the drifts were produced by the rain washing the hailstones into position - there wasn't actually 4 foot of hail fall.

NOAA confirm that warm March across US shattered records with over 15,000 individual daily temperature records broken

Gorleston boy tells of mudslide near miss after a thunderstorm causes a wall to collapse

Weather causes havoc across the Emirates whilst unusual hail, heavy rain, snow hit southern Saudi

Tornado destroys 25 houses in Maguindanao in the Philippines

In Malaysia, over 1,000 evacuated in Perak flood

Rising Pacific seas linked to climate change

Eat less meat to prevent climate disasters, study warns - but if the problem is with fertilisers used to grow crops, surely we should eat more meat and less plants?

And, as was quickly identified on UKww yesterday afternoon, typhoon sonic boom behind mysterious bang reports

12th April - Todays News: Earthquakes Hit Indonesia & Mexico

Indian Ocean tsunami alert lifted after Aceh quake whilst Mexico shaken by two earthquakes in 24 hours

With some heavy showers in places this week and more rain and showers expected next week, Environment Agency warns of flash flood risk in drought

In Germany, Easter colder than Christmas

In China, golf ball-sized hailstones kill three people

Light pollution 'saturates' UK night skies

Radiation from Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidenst not as harmful to wildlife as feared

Icelandic volcanoes said to be growing restless - and it's nothing to do with the suggestion that Iceland's volcanoes may power UK. Hoepfully any current activity is just down to seasonal snow and glacial melt.

And I totally agree that attacks on climate science by former NASA staff shouldn't be taken seriously - or at least, no more seriously that comments made by old Mrs Crabapple from down the road with the 19 cats. They are entitled to an opinion, but that opinion is no more valid that that o…

10th April - Today's News: Easter Washout

6th April - Today's News: Severe Storm Kills at Least 12 in Buenos Aires

At least 12 dead after severe storm hits BA city, province in Argentina on Wednesday. Some reports have the toll at 14.

Jersey could face hosepipe ban if no rain in April and as bans are imposed across parts of England there's a warning of rationing ahead unless UK get rain. Ironically, bank holiday Monday is looking like a wash-out for most of the country....

In Canada, March's freaked out weather means the heat is on but it's not all warm as Spring storm dumps snow, causes havoc in Edmonton and area

Mars probe captures video of 12 mile high dust devil thundering across the planet whilst volcanic pits on Mars could offer a safe haven for life away from cosmic raditaion which, in the absence of a magnetic field, floods the planet's surface.

4th April - Today's News: Heavy Snow Returns to England

Now it's out with mild March and in with Arctic April as Scottish ski-ing's salvation sweeps south bringing snow to northern England and even some sleet here in Evesham this morning. Commuters face misery as snow falls whilst gales cause power cuts to about 40,000 homes in northern England

But snow brings relief for Highland fire crews - nothing better to put out a heath fire!

In the Cairngorms, Scottish walkers rescued after being caught in sudden weather change (actually, they were Belgian)

And as we shiver in April, the MetO confirm that March weather third warmest on record

Severe weather of a different kind in the US where Texas picks up the pieces after unprecendented twin tornadoes toss trucks across the skies - amazing video and still there.

Coral links ice sheet collapse to ancient mega-flood ~14.6ka

Amount of coldest Antarctic water near ocean floor decreasing for decades

Yuka, a well preserved juvenile woolly mammoth may have been killed by humans

And finally, climate cha…

3rd April - Today's News: Heavy Snow Returns to Scotland

Snow and ice return to Scotland with up to 10 inches in places. And down here, tomorrow looks like being a particularly braw day with a cold wind and sleety rain for much of the day, though temperatures so far a little above normal. We do need that rain though!

Warm weather boosts UK crops, but Europe suffers on droughts

Calm settles over Fiji after storms as New Zealanders rally to support flood-stricken Fiji

Typhoon-strength storm brings travel chaos to Japan

In the US, weather service to test more graphic tornado warnings to hopefully make more people appreciate the dangers more. Though whether warning of mass destruction and an 'unsurvivable' storm will backfire if it misses the town, or just disspates before causing too much damage, remains to be seen.

Last month the US saw warm weather records smashed, more than 90 cities with warmest March on record but, not in Alaska where weather flip-flops: March averaged colder than February

Hyperthermal events may be triggered by wa…

2nd April - Today's News: Tourists Flee Fijian Floods

Tourists flee in frantic scenes as devastating floods hit Fiji with Cyclone Daphne bearing down on the islands, the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon.

After record heat last week, snow returns to Scotland's mountains - and there could even be some over higher ground in southern England tomrorrow night. More importantly, over the next week, we could finally see some rain!

A similar situation in Sweden where there have been record March highs despite last snow

And in the US, astonishing heat in March set records for the month

Though it's not just the heat that was notable last month: Foggy March brings record temperatures to Reading

In Viet Nam, two killed as storm lashes HCM City, southern provinces

New comparison of ocean temperatures reveals rise over last century

Precipitation impacts glacial melt, Patagonia glacier study suggests

Concerns over India rivers order

Corals 'could survive a more acidic ocean' - which is obvious given they've been around hundre…