25th April - Today's News: Flood Warnings as More Heavy Rain Hits Britain

Severe weather warnings as Atlantic storms batter Britain with wind and rain this morning and a good chance of some heavy thunderstorms this afternoon and perhaps again tomorrow - now looking likely that whilst we won't get a month's rain this week we will at least finally see the monthly rainfall total for Evesham exceed the average, for the first time since October 2010.   The reason for this is the jet stream running Atlantic depressions across the south of England - instead of to the NW of Scotland - something which incidently happened in summer 2007 ....   However, the Avon is very far from flooding, currently nearly 5m below it's height in July 2007 and only 13cm above it's 'normal' minimum level.   Though elsewhere,  Dorset's Charr and Wriggle rivers at risk of bursting banks whilst in Derbyshire some drought zone rivers flooded.   In the Channel, bad weather causes ferry and hovercraft services to be cancelled.  In Ireland too there are warnings of flash flooding as 12 hours heavy rain coming.

In the US, heatwave bakes West, sets marks and hits high note of 113f in Death Valley - the joint highest temperature ever recorded in teh USA in April

Martin McKenna has captured some great images of the aurora borealis over Northen Ireland this year 

And Alex Salmond declares war on Donald Trump over wind farms - I really don;t have time for either of them - as a study claims tourists 'not put off' by wind farms in Scotland.   I guess it depends on where they are ....!  Although, for that matter, if you covered the Monadh Liath with turbines it wouldn't put me off going there, I just wouldn't enjoy it the same.


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