14th April 2012 - Today's News: It Is Solved By Walking

US Midwest put on tornado watch with severe storms expected today

Strong storm brings rain, snow to California

But drought expands throughout the USA

Freak snow showers hit North Wales - though I question whether 5 inches of snow really fell in the space of five minutes!

British teenager struck by lightning twice in an afternoon says he survived because his novelty hat took the damage - worth noting that apart from one rumble of thunder on Wednesday there's not been any electrict activity over Evesham at all this week (or, indeed this year) and its many years since I last saw any decent lightning. In contrast, on Thursday San Francisco had a night to remember: thunderstorm shatters records and one lucky photographer got a superb shot of the Bay Bridge being struck.

China issues emergency response to hailstorm that has destroyed over 4,000 homes whilst in India, a hailstorm claims 14 lives.

Agencies warn poor rains threaten Somalia's recovery after last year's famine.

No tittering at the back, please, as Uranus auroras glimpsed from Earth

And it's being suggested that walking could be a useful tool in treating depression - but apparently they don't yet know how far, how fast or, bizarrely, whether it should be undertaken indoors or outdoors! Idiots! I would state my life on the fact that a walk in the countryside, for as long and as fast as you like, is always the best. If you're feeling down, worried or depressed, go for a walk. The Romans knew: solvitur ambulando - it is solved by walking.


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